Nano Korea 2010 with IEEE NANO is on !
Nano Korea 2010 with IEEE NANO is on !
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Press conference of Nano Korea 2010 with IEEE NANO
On July 19, the Nano Korea Organization committee announced that 'Nano Korea 2010 with IEEE NANO ' will be held from August 17 to 20 at KINTEX, Korea. The theme of its 8th event is "'Nanotechnology for a Green World'. During the event they will redefine various issues about environment and energy in the nano-technical perspective, share of nano-technology information from the world's scholars as well as exchange different opinions to solve these issues.

Especially this year, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) to host the conference and large numbers of international scholars will visit including two Nobel Prize winners in the field of nanotechnology. It is confirmed that the status of Korea is No. 4 in Nanotechnology, internationally.

Starting with keynote speeches by Robert Grubbs (2005 Nobel Prize), Peter Grunberg (2007 Nobel Physics Prize), Kim Ki-nam, President  of Samsung Electronic, 1,000 studies will be announced with more than 300 lectures for four days. The IEEE NANO representative conference in IEEE, will be divided into 14 professional areas.


Lee Hee-gook, Chairman of NANO KOREA Organizing Committee , chairman of Nano Technology Research Association and CEO of SILTRON
In addition, Chad Merkin, Director of the International Institute of Northwestern University Nanotechnology and Science Advisory of Barak Obama, President of the United States of America, Mihail C. Roco from the U.S. National Science Foundation and many other influential world personalities provide the lectures.


Tech industry business events such as the 'Nanotechnology Exhibition with 'Micro-Tech World with laser Korea' will be carried out jointly by Korea, Japan and Germany. Also the '1st International Print E-Exhibition' is going to be convened. The events will be conducted by 240 companies, 430 booths, from 11 countries. The organizer expects that more than 12,000 people from 40 countries will visit the conference.

Nano Korea's scale grew by 34 percent annually.  It became the second largest international event since 2007. And every year nano-experts and officials from the world come to Korea to exchange information.

An official said "The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy work hard for the convergence of nanotechnology research results with related industries and early commercialization of the technology."


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