Seoul Semiconductor Ranked Worldwide No. 4 in LED Market
Seoul Semiconductor Ranked Worldwide No. 4 in LED Market
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Global leading LED provider, Seoul Semiconductor has today announced that market survey agency Strategies Unlimited recently reported "High-Brightness LED Market Review and Forecast 2010," an in-depth report on the LED market, and ranked Seoul Semiconductor as Worldwide No.4 in LED market with total sale of USD 301 million.

According to this report, the size of the world LED market as of 2009 rose 6.2% from 2008's USD 5.08 billion to USD 5.4 billion. As demands for LED TV increased, sales of LED products for display reached USD 370 million for a year-on-year increase of 178%. Furthermore, as applications for LED became diverse, competition for the ranking of the world's LED suppliers enjoying various sales outlets has also intensified.

Philips-Lumileds, which used to rank 4th in the world up to 2008, dropped to the 7th spot in 2009; it was dislodged from its former position by Seoul Semiconductor. IMS Research, a market survey agency also raked Seoul Semiconductor as Top 4 of global LED market in their recent report on LED market. The gap in sales between Cree, which held on to 3rd place in the report presented by Strategies Unlimited, and Seoul Semiconductor is only USD 50 million. In other words, advancing to the Top 3 is within reach for the Korean company.

Among the LED enterprises in Korea, Seoul Semiconductor is the only company to rank among the top 10, with Samsung LED taking the 11th place with sales of USD 170 million and LG Innotek ranking 14th with sales reaching USD 106 million; thus showing a huge gap with the leading groups.

"The results of the report show that, despite the fact that sales of LED for LED TV last year were less than 10% of the total sales, performance was good in all fields including lighting systems. This year, the supply quantity of LED for LED TV for China, Japan, and Taiwan is expected to increase significantly; thus contributing to markets recording large sales. In addition, the company seeks to preoccupy the LED lighting market as the new growth engine by expanding the sales outlet to large global lighting enterprises including GE," said Lee Sang-min, Vice President for Sales at Seoul Semiconductor.

The reality is that most LED makers are currently focusing on the captive market based on their subsidiaries or affiliated companies. Seoul Semiconductor is different, however; it avoided relying on order quantities of large customers or broke away from the old management system focusing on specific applications, creating stable growth footing instead by succeeding in diversifying customers and product groups.

Backed by competitiveness based on more than 5,000 patents held by the company, Seoul Semiconductor built a vertically integrated system ranging from EPI to chip, package, and modules covering the entire process of LED production; thus enabling maintaining cost competitiveness and responding flexibly to the market situation. In the future, Seoul Semiconductor plans to make an aggressive investment to secure the appropriate production scale, at the same time finding and training highly gifted persons.

Seoul Semiconductor, which used to be named one of "Asia's 100 best high-growth enterprises" by Business Week and "Asia's 200 leading enterprises" by Forbes, has drawn attention as one of the Top 5 enterprises in the SSL (Solid State Lighting) field along with MONA, a project group that grafts light science with Nano technology as inaugurated by EC, and Cree, Osram, Philips-Lumileds, and Nichia. With the explosive growth of the lighting market expected, Seoul Semiconductor plans to advance centrally into the lighting LED market through Acriche, an AC power semiconductor light source, and record outstanding growth.


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