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In this Ubitopia3.0 era, I am an IT expert who is a unique user being connected to IT devices such as my smart-phone, notebook, TV & radio receiver, car, book, house and my identification things



Ban Ki-moon former United Nations Secretary General recently declared his bid for the South Korean presidency. What will this mean to the country?

To answer this question, it would be prudent to look at the historical role of a leader.


We can find out great Korean power from a candlelight vigil in this time. Despite a cold snap men and women of all ages and many families gathered around square and expressed their views on politics.


What might inspire you to take the plunge and start a new manufacturing company?


We’ve all seen it and we’ve all hated it. Your web page begins to load and then, right in mid-load it stalls out.


"In the most recent hacker attack on the San Francisco transit system, hackers tried to extort $73,000 from the transit service in exchange for giving back control of their computer system. However, it all ended up relatively well because Muni had a backup of the system and, as a consequence, no customer data was stolen.

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Peter Diamandis

The Korea IT Times have released a transcript of article by Dr.Peter Diamandis as follows
The article is about analysis and response to robots and artificial intelligence that could be steal our jobs.


Seoul Korea, January 06, 2017 / Korea IT Times--The ITU news magazine published its key theme of 'Accelerating ICT growth together' on cover


In the era of intelligent information technologies where everything gets connected and intelligent, vast amounts of data collected through the IoT and mobile devices will be analyzed in real time by taking advantage of cloud computing and big data technology. And then another value of intelligent information will be created though artificial intelligence (AI).


USA, NIST had an interview with a Baldrige examiner, Chris Mitchell from Georgia.
A quality advisor within the Georgia Department of Human Services, Chris has served on the Board of Examiners with competitively selected, these volunteers hail from many states, sectors, and professions for the past two years.
Korea IT Times release the original interview article of Chris Mitchell by Christine Schaefer as follows--Ed.


Seoul,Korea IT Times, Dec. 1, 2016 — LG Electronics (LG) today announced that Jo Seong-jin, the head of its Home Appliance & Air Solution (H&A) Company and one of the three Representative
Directors responsible for key decisions of the entire organization, has been
promoted to the position of sole Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

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