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In this Ubitopia3.0 era, I am an IT expert who is a unique user being connected to IT devices such as my smart-phone, notebook, TV & radio receiver, car, book, house and my identification things



Bill Gates imagined that everyone had their own computer on their desk and finally developed the personal computer.

thin film

The stars are perfectly aligned for a swift and massive breakthrough of small scale solar energy production in urban areas.

it management

With Datacenter Luxembourg’s Private Cloud Infrastructure services, there is no need to become an expert in virtualization or network technologies


Six years ago, people said that a start-up firm like Netflix cannot be changed long history of American media industry.


Mobile telecommunications network equipment is expected to work without issue 24/7.

People & Interviews


PR Newswire recently sat down with Yeon Chol-woong, a journalist of 13 years and a founding member of Korea IT Times, to learn more about the type of stories the publication is interested in and tips PR professionals should note when pitching the media outlet. Yeon graduated from the University of Maryland with a major in computer science.


Much has been made recently in the engineering world about the impending end of “Moore’s Law.”


DataStreams Corp. announced that it participated in the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2017 on April 28 in Beijing, China.


"The R&D center of S company had a bitter experience several months ago. Because its R&D data it had accumulated by spending a massive amount of money for several years became useless as it was inflicted by ransomware.


Precision Medicine World Conference(PMWC) 2017 had an interview with Kathy Giusti,

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