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Thats right, China in particular is prepared to swamp the current charging station leader - the U.S. - in just a few years. The Chinese government says it wants to have 10 million chargers in place by 2020.
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The Korea Institute of Finance (President Tae Joon Kim, and Citibank Korea (CEO Yung Ku Ha, held the "Award Ceremony of the 4th Citi-KIF Financial Essay Competition" on June 18, 2011 at the conference room of Banker's Club in Myung-do

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A day before the G20 summit, world leaders and representatives of international organizations from all corners of the world are filtering into Korea one after another.

Following the arrival of the special guest, the Malawi President, the leaders of 11 other countries including the President of the United States, Barack Obama are checking in today.

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S. Gopalakrishnan, Managing Director and CEO, Infosys Technologies Limited, addressed the impact of youth unemployment convener.


"We will try to provide the best products to Korean customers at the earlist possible time. We will also open markets in Southeast Asia. As we secured large tracts of land for the plant, we will consider capacity expansion sooner or later."

Asmany as 19 out of 20 smartphones used in Korea are based on Android operatingsystem, according to a survey by U.S. market research firm Strategy Analytics.


ISO/IEC20000is an international certification for IT service management system, given outby the British Standards Institution (BSI) and verified by the InternationalStandard Organization (ISO).With the certification, NCSoft is proven to provideIT operating servi


SEOUL, KOREA - As part of the one-stop service provided by Invest KOREA, the Investment Consulting Center (ICC) offers consulting and administrative support for foreign investors.


SEOUL, KOREA - Former Vice Chairman of KPMG Economic Research Institute Jung Yeon-tae won the individual achievement award at the 8th Korea Internet Awards in the recognition of his contribution to promoting Internet-related industry and internet culture of Korea.

NEW YORK, NY- Acronym, the leader in organic and paid search for enterprise-level brands, has launched its patent-pending 


The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) held an inauguration ceremony of Lee Young-soo, the 10 president newly appointed at its headquarters located in Cheonan on Dec. 9.

SEOUL, KOREA - The Korean government will revise its foreign investment incentive system to provide more benefits to investors creating more jobs, according to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

SEOUL, KOREA - The International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and other international organizations have forecast Korea’s future growth rate to reach about 4 percent.

SEOUL, KOREA - Korea ranked at the top of the ICT Development Index this year for the fourth straight year. The index measures 157 countries on ICT access, use and skills.

렉사일지수 홈페이지

SEOUL, KOREA - The hopeful New Year has dawned. Many people cherish in their heart one hope in the New Year. If you are a job-seeker, getting a job would be by all means the greatest hope of the New Year at hand.

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“Land of rainbow”

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In the past and recent years, the world powers were and are ambitious and power-hungry. As self-seekers, they were and are diamond cut diamond. (龍虎相搏) Full of guile, arrogance and obsequiousness, they have been second to none in concealing their feline amenities.


A new generation of compact yet powerful converters is emerging out of the cutting edge research coming out of FTLAB Co. Ltd. They began in 2001. An electro-physics based R&D Company specializing in high output, high channel and high slew HV power supplies, they have developed a range of products.


As a mobile handset antenna maker, EMW began in 1998 and has been effortful in investing in developing and producing new technology.  Currently, the firm has successfully gained 321 domestic patents, overseas patents, utility models, and trad

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The human brain is as vastly mysterious as outer space, where lots of questions still remain unanswered. It never seems to fully reveal how its sophisticated way works in order to tightly control the whole human body.

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