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On Dec 12, the one-year anniversary of the launch of Internet Protocol television (IPTV), which has been hailed as the driver of interactive services and a next-generation growth engine, was celebrated with fanfare. The number of subscribers to IPTV services provided by KT, SK Broadband and LG Telecom topped 1.5 million.

Korea's first PC advertisement

The Personal Computer Arrives – A Story of the Early 1980s

The sixth installment in a twelve-part series - Ed.

PC as Zeitgeist

Hong Ki-hwa, CEO of the Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in provinces face difficulties in many ways in the era of globalization. But if the provincial government or a provincial agency is dedicated to promoting their business overseas, tables could be turned in their favor.

Late 1970s radios, cassettes and electronics are on display

”Radios, cassettes and electronic watches change lifestyle” – A Story of the Late 1970s

The fifth installment in a twelve-part series

New Lifestyle

Kim Hak-su

Korea is on the way to recovery from a protracted recession caused by the global financial crisis last year. And its profile is being raised in many directions as Philip Bowring, a columnist on Asian economies for the International Herald Tribune and a former editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, wrote in an article for the New York Times on Oct. 23.

Brown Eyed Girls perform during the opening ceremony

Even a single electronics show is quite an event that attracts wide public attention. If it is a gigantic event consisting of four major electronics shows, it is everybody’s dream show in the industry. The Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2009, which opened at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province on Oct. 13, is such an event.

Kim Moon-su, Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Choi Kyung-hwan, Minister of Knowledge Economy and Yoon Jong-yong raise a toast  to make a wish for the future of electronics of Korea

The 9th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2009) organized by the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) gave prizes on Oct. 13 to 11 scientists and corporate staffers for inspiring the desire to develop new display technologies and contributing to the development of the display industry.

In an era of cutthroat global competition, no one can survive unless he is top rate. This is all the truer when it comes to state-of-the-art industries such as LCD and IT, where only top-class things, be it by quality, cost or speedy delivery, can survive the fierce competition. What is the most important is technology.

NIT has developed Pogny, an air humidifier and cleaner, using negative ions generated from water. It does not give off ozone and nitrogen oxides. Thanks to the Lenard effect, a high level of negative ions are kept even 10m away from the air cleaner. The negative ions will be absorbed into the body through inhalation, which will be dissolved into the blood. In this process, blood will turn subakaline, which, in turn, improves the entire blood circulation and helps recover health.

iFeelu exhibits the EX2, a 2.2-channel body-sonic vibration earphone system, which minimizes damage to eardrums and noise exposure. With such features, the earphone system makes it possible for wearers to enjoy bass sounds even in quiet environments such as libraries. This system attracts attention in that it is a bone conduction headphone, which causes as little damage as possible to eardrums.

LG Innotek takes part in KES 2009 being held at the KINTEX convention and exhibition center from Oct. 13 to 16.

The company takes pride in being a leading electronics components and materials maker, while introducing its technologies and products, including LEDs, thin solar cells and PCBs, mobile, display and networking gadgets, and vehicle parts.

LG Innotek exhibits its products in four zones -- the Eco Zone, Mobile Zone, Display Zone and PCB Zone, at each of which its staffers help visitors have a better understanding of its products by giving them demonstrations.

LG Display has proved its technological prowess once again by developing the world’s thinnest  panels at 5.9mm for 42 and 47-inch LCD TVs, thinner than one fourth of the thickness of the diameter of a W500 coin.

The 42/47-inch LCD TV panels were made slim based on LG Display’s own Light Guide Sheet (LGS) technologies, which made it possible to reduce the thickness of the laser guide plate by less than half. The 42-inch panel weighs 6.1kg and the 47-inch panel 7.3kg, about half the weight of the existing CCFL panels. Either is lighter than a wooden frame of the same size.

ACE shows PoC, Power Supply on a Chip

Bulky and heavy power supply connectors, such as coils and condensers, are prerequisites to electrical appliances. And they need large space and consume much power. What if a tiny chip was developed for that purpose? Then you can save energy and use it for much smaller appliances and gadgets. Everything will turn out to be more convenient and efficient.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics ( CEO Park Jong-woo) is introducing its new products and technologies by participating in the 40th Korea Electronics Grand Fair (KES), which is being held at the KINTEX convention and exhibition center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province from Oct. 13 to 16.

Miti Systems displays the world's first polymer microneedle roller. The roller is effective in whitening skin and improving wrinkles and hair health, as it increases the transmittance rate of skin care substances or medicines into the body.

It is hygienic, considering that it has obtained a production license from the U.S. FDA and has met quality standards.

Oreunson Tech has developed Rich-Mo, a laser hair therapy device, following a similar gadget using low-frequency wavelengths. Rich-Mo promotes protein synthesis in cells by increasing blood flow in certain parts of the body, as well as increasing bioactive substances using a state of the art low-output semiconductor laser.

With this exhibition as momentum, the company hopes its product will find more markets at home and abroad, given recent reports on results of research on the use of low-output laser to increase blood flow on the scalp and activate follicle cells.

Modern Tech introduces a health aid, a device for aerobic movement of internal organs. The aid helps busy modern people have an increased supply of oxygen, cure constipation, and break down fats in their midsection. It makes their muscles soft and smoothens metabolism in the nervous system and internal organs.

Samsung Electronics introduces the 2009 second-generation bubble Hauzen washing machine, which has an additional function of cleaning the laundry and keeping clothes soft for a long time.

Samsung Electronics introduces the Zipel Asak, a 2010 year kimchi refrigerator. The fridge focuses on keeping each section cool and fresh. "Asak" is an onomatopoeic Korean word, which means "with a crunch," with a connotation that the food is crunchy, fresh and delicious. It features a special function that makes it possible to switch power on or off in each section, so that each section can keep its own temperature.

LG Electronics showcases a new 2010 Dios stand-type kimchi refrigerator model designed by Alessandro Mendini, an Alessi designer and world-renowned Italian architect. It features an impressive design with lucid lights giving off multiple colors. Its display lightens or dims according to ambient light.

A free box is kept at two degrees Celsius lower than in other sections, so that users can also keep various other kinds of foods. Cold air at -4 degrees keeps kimchi refreshing every eight hours. The airtight covers in the mid and lower sections keep vegetables and fruit fresh.

Hanwha onsure

samsung fire

new energy