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It's started biological experiments in lab on space. ESA has Introduced on December 7 that the medicine you take on Earth begins with cell research,


[Darmstadt, Germany] Merck opened on November 30, a new production facility for liquid crystal window modules in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.


ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli completes some tests in the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module(BEAM), on the International Space Station,


Launched on 13 October, the Sentinel-5P satellite has delivered its first images of air pollution. Even though the satellite is still being prepared for service,

Liquid Crystal

[Darmstadt, Germany] Merck, today opened a new production facility for liquid crystal window modules in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.


[Moscow, Russia] UTN tokens by Universa project have sparked enormous interest where they were offered as a part of inter-project token swap (IpTS).


과학기술 기업 머크가 창립 350주년인 2018년을 기념해 자연과학 분야 박사 과정에 있는 대학원생, 박사 후 과정, 최근 졸업한 MBA소지자를 대상으로


[Darmstadt, Germany] Merck holds global Innovation Cup celebrating its 350th anniversary in 2018 to support new generation of academic talents.


ESA announced on November 28 that is considering extending its activities to a new region of the sky via a novel type of aerial vehicle, a ‘missing link’ between drones and satellites.


[Seoul, Korea] LG Innotek announced on November 27 that the company has developed the world's first 100mW (mill watts) UV-C LED.


A dark cloud when observed with optical telescopes, the Chamaeleon I region reveals itself as an active hub of star formation in this far-infrared image from ESA’s Herschel space observatory.


On November 2017 ESA’s first Earth observation satellite was launched on 23 November 1977. When the first Meteosat satellite took its place in the sky,


[Darmstadt, Germany /Tokyo, Japan] Merck, has convened its eighth Displaying Futures symposium in Tokyo.


[New Jersey, USA ] Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology, announced on November 9 that 36 of its latest products have been recognized as CES®2018 Innovation Awards winners.


[SEOUL, KOREA] The Consumer Technology Association (CTA™) is recognizing LG Electronics (LG) for groundbreaking innovations in technology and design with CES 2018 Innovation Awards - led by multiple honors for LG OLED TVs and refrigerators to be unveiled in January,

clean room

A UK company has been selected to undertake the Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) for a satellite which will help tackle climate change, Science Minister Jo Johnson announced on November 8.


인터넷 및 정보 비즈니스에 투자해온 영국 회사 온라인 피엘시(On-Line PlC)가 대박을 맞았다,

PH-Korea IT Times

[Darmstadt/Bonn, Germany] The world climate conference in Bonn is an internationally
recognised event; after all, it is about global climate protection.

Hanwha onsure

samsung fire

new energy