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Stories from Lee Si-young


KOTRA and domestic electronic enterprises will participate in International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 held in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. from January 7, 2010 to January 10.

About 110 enterprises and 1,000 products will be displayed at the international CES including private booth and Korea booth.

green growth

On December 28, in a green report, KOTRA introduced 19 green products and 11 countries took a big notice about these eco-friendly products and technologies. KOTRA analyzed that the key to success in green products and were analysis of exact market trend, proper targeting, remarkable technology and thorough localization.

k kari

On December 23, KOTRA (President: Cho Hwan-eik) and Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) concluded the contracts on export of satellite photographs that comes from Korea Multipurpose Satellite-2 (Arirang-2).

According to Kotra, on December 20, GS Engineering and Construction contracted an agreement with Oman National Oil Corporation about a construction project that was signed on December 13.

The scale of the project will be about US$280 million and other famous global top 20 construction companies from countries such as the United Kingdom, Greece, and Italy will also participate in this project

sw export

At the 2010 Software strategic seminar for overseas advancement which was held in Seoul KyoYuk Munhwa HoeKwan, KOTRA and Korea Software Industry Association (KSIA) concluded the contract on business agreement for overseas advance activation of Korean software enterprise, and also they promised that they will promote cooperative businesses t


System Operators (SOs) prepared measures for organizing channels to evaluate Program Providers (PPs).

System Providers also decided to pay Program Providers program rental fees based on viewers’ channel preferences, and both SO and PP signed to conclude one-year-contract at the end of December.

Samsung Application Store

On December 18, Samsung Electronics is launching smart phones through SK Telecom in Korea. Samsung has already introduced the online application store in major European countries including UK, France, Italy, etc. Then on September, providing more than 800 applications.

Last month, the industrial use of power recorded its highest increase rate in seven years and 10 months after January of 2002. The Electricity Regulatory Commission of the Department of Knowledge Economy stated that the sale of power last month has increased by 8.6% compared to the year before. The sale of industrial power, accounts for 56% of the total sales, and has increased by 12%.

LG Electronics and LG Telecom (CEO: Jung Il-jae) will provide the LG LH8600S cell-phone that can read a book for visually handicapped people.

At Braille Day on November 4, LG Electronics, LGT and LG Sangnam Library announced that they will donate 2,000 cellphones for visually handicapped people.  They will choose 2,000 people from applications submitted, and supply the phones in the middle of December.

IT plus

A brand new plan that raises the competitive power of the pharmaceutical industry by combining the most cutting-edge domestic information communication technology will be promoted next January in several stages.

cloud computing

Since the global economic crisis, countries around the globe have experienced an economic recession with high unemployment rate. However, many experts believe the recession is almost over. The government, associations and many companies are ready to make investments in new fields with high potentials.

700 billion won new growth fund investment will help the small and medium size companies.


One of the many speakers present at the Asia Economic Community Forum was Gerard Roland, a professor at UC Berkeley. In a debate about 21st century capitalism, he shared his opinions with everybody. The introduction of the 20th century started out with economic prosperity and peace, but in the latter stages sparked two of the bloodiest wars in history.

46th Trade Day
The Korea International Trade Association held the 46th Trade Day event at the COEX convention hall on November 30. Lee Myung-bak, President of Korea; Minister of Knowledge Economy Choi Kyung-hwan; and more than 1,000 representatives and workers of trade enterprises and government participated.

Delegations that are a combination of government and private citizens will be dispatched to the South Central American IT market.

KOTRA announced that they will dispatch delegations to visit Columbia and Paraguay from November 22 to 30 to open a new market which is for ITS, E-government, and U-city technology.

Peter Weingart, Vodafone Senior Manager
The following is an interview with Peter Weingart, Vodafone Senior Manager.

Q: What is the purpose of your visit to GMV 2009?

Acer Ferrari One

The most current netbooks are usually cheap but low in performance. To solve the problem, the global PC company Acer launched their 2nd generation ultra-thin notebook on Novemver 6, 2009 called Ferrari One, using the Ferrai sports car design. Acer has been a partner with Ferrari for a long time and launched several Ferrai laptops since 2004. However, this is the first time for the company to launch a Ferrai netbook.

From the left Laurence Brahm (Author of the Anti-Globalization Breakfast Club), Barry P. Bosworth (Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute), Daniel Gros (Director, Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium), Gerard Roland (Prof.UC, Berkeley)

One of the many speakers present at AECF was Gerard Roland, a professor at UC Berkeley. In a debate about 21st century capitalism, he shared his opinions with everybody. The introduction of the 20th century started out with economic prosperity and peace, but in the latter stages sparked two of the bloodiest wars in history.

Congratulatory Messages from Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev

Former President of Soviet Union Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev has signed, sealed, and delivered a congratulatory message to the Asia Economic Community Forum 2009 from Russia.


Vodafone, Telefonica, Verizon Wireless, ORANGE, NTTdocomo, Nokia, and Ericsson have all mounted KOTRA's glowing chariot to meet the Korean mobile telecommunication companies from November 10-12 at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel. Here, about 110 mobile telecommunication companies will be gathered from all around the world to do business and make business.

Gate Opens to Welcome the Chariot

Sanjeong Lake

Gyeonggi province is  a perfect getaway site for city slickers, a historic site for many students, and a meditating ground for philosophers and believers. Beaches in the west coast, temples with great stories from the past, and stunning views of the landscape are only a few of the things that Gyeonggi has to offer. 

Hanwha onsure

samsung fire

new energy