Matthew Weigand

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Matthew Weigand is a journalist and information technology professional who has lived in South Korea for the past 7 years. He sees himself as an information broker. He exports information in the form of English language news articles about what goes on in the technologically-advanced peninsula, while also importing the latest in open, accessible web standards and practices into the walled garden of the South Korean corner of the Internet. With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and an avid curiosity he manages to somewhat keep up with the latest technological, social, and political issues related to this global communication system we all use, and does his small part to make it work better for those around him.

Stories from Matthew Weigand

Map of AEES

The Korea IT Times visited the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 on the 11th of November, and witnessed a convergence of the technology companies of five of the major sectors of Asia.

water in desert

Korea is in a unique position here and now - it has strong ties and growing ties to two of the largest growth markets in the world. That would be China and India. Both of the countries are gearing up for some world-changing economic events, and Korea is positioning itself to benefit from all of it.

Partron booth

AEES 2009 in Shanghai - November 11 - Partron makes the tiniest little cool things.  Take their antennas, for instance.  They are the size of a large fingernail and work for mobile phones, WiFi connections, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and GPS devices.  Or take their optical mice, which are little black squares the size of a cell phone key that when rubbed up, down, left, or right, move a mous

Sung Mun Electronics booth

Shanghai - November 11 - At the Asian Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009) Jin Park of Sung Mun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Alcohol, breath detectors

Shanghai - November 11 - Seju Engineering Co., represented by one Kim Yu-mi, received an unexpected number of guests on the first day of the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009).  Ms.

Suntech booth 2

Shanghai - November 11 - Stopping by Suntech's booth was a change of pace from the usual story of Korean companies at the Asian Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009).  Whereas most of the Korean companies in the Korea Pavilion were hoping to enter the Chinese market as their first international foray, Suntech International Ltd.

Samkyung Ceramics booth

Shanghai - November 11 - "There are so many visitors, not like Korea.  We had to hide some of our cards," said Richard Jun, marketing director for Samkyung Ceramics, laughing.  "We gave away almost all of our pamphlets and cards before lunch!"  Mr.

IK Semicon booth

Shanghai - November 11 - Not every company in the Korea Pavilion of the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009) is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, inexperienced and hoping for new opportunities.  Some Korean companies are already in the Chinese market but are looking for new niches to grow in.  Such is the case for IK Semicon.  J.S.

Woo Je-kweon and Frances Choi

Shanghai - November 11 - Some new technologies are ungainly, but sometimes a new technology comes out that is so good, it is elegant right away.  Fils' film speakers are the latter, and their booth was positively stuffed with visitors at all times.  "We're happy to have so many people," said Frances Choi, assistant manager of Fils.  "We haven't been able to watch any performances, because there have been to

Carima's Master system products

Shanghai - November 11 - Walking through the booths at Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009), you can see that while there is a steady stream of visitors in the Korea Pavilion, only a few of the booths draw a constant crowd.  One of them is the Carima booth, the 3D printer people.  It was difficult to get some time to interview them, because the visitors

CIT booth

Shanghai - November 11 - I stopped by Cygnis Information Technology (CIT) at the Asian Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009) to say hello to Jack Choi, CEO of the company.  His booth was an island of calm.  He said that not too many people had stopped by his booth yet, but he wasn't worried.  A lot of people took catalogs, and

3H Vision booth

Shanghai - November 11 - 3H Vision makes a number of different cameras for many different uses, but the one product that they are pushing here at the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 (AEES 2009) is their notebook camera module.  "Samsung's main notebook manufacturing plant is here in Suzhou, and there are also many other notebook manufacturing companies in

Kang hong-sik, director of the Market and Exhibition Center for KEA is doing his opening speech on the opening ceremony in AEES 2009

Shanghai - November 11 - Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai, 2009 (AEES 2009) started today with a crush of crowds at the entrance.

Jack Lee

Shanghai - November 10 - At the Asia Electronics Fair Shanghai 2009, Jack Lee, senior manager of International Sales and Marketing for GT Telecom, calmly sits at his booth while others bustle around him.  He is one of the few, the proud, the early.  His booth sits prepared to attract Chinese buyers to finally enter into the Chinese market with their cu

testing FreeQ

Shanghai - November 10 - "We have an agent working on getting export into China ready, so we are looking to work with other countries," explained Kelly Moon, assistant manager for the overseas sales department of Buheung Medical Co., Ltd., at the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai today.

Myung Info Tech booth

Shanghai - November 10 - At the Asia Electronics Expo in Shanghai the Korea Pavilion is in various stages of completion.  There is furniture scattered about, large pieces of machinery slowly nosing their way down the aisles between the booths, and hundreds of people walking back and forth, getting things ready for tomorrow's show.  But one company is already ready, and has ti

Francis Kang

Shanghai - November 9 - In Shanghai today representatives from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and China itself came together to give a press conference on the upcoming Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai (AEES) which will begin on the 11th of November.  Grace Woo, marketing manager for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council; Francis Kang, director of the Market and Exhibition Center for the Korea Electronics Association; Jennie Sun, director of the Mainland Affairs Dept. of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association;  and Chen Wen Hai, vice president of the China Electronic Appliance Corporation, each gave a presentation on their own show's upcoming participation in the Asia Electronics Expo Shanghai.

Chung Tong-soo

With all the gloom and doom of the global economic crisis still crowding the headlines around the world, one would think that a trip to the Invest Korea offices at the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) would get more of the same.  However, Chung

In the meeting called G20 and Overcoming the Global Financial Crisis in Asia this month, many of the panelists talked about Korea's next steps in becoming a first world nation.  Some said that Korea must conform to international standards of business before it can become successful. Others said that Korea has come as far as it has with all its quirks intact, and needs not change now.  What do you think?  Should Korea become more globalized, and hence more Westernized, before it becomes successful?

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