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Finally, an e-mail provider, Microsoft, understands exactly what users need. After creating multiple e-mail accounts to handle various types of business, e-mail users would like to find an easier way to manage these accounts but also cut back on the hassle of having separate accounts. Microsoft picked up on this issue and has developed e-mail addresses in which users can access multiple emails within the person's main e-mail address.

Herself Dress

Every woman has a fairy tale dress, and environmentalist women can finally find a gown that works as much for their looks as it does for the environment. In a collaborative effort, University of Sheffield, London College of Fashion, and University of Ulster, managed to produce a gown that actually absorbs gases such as carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

3D learning

With technology know-it-all companies like LG and Samsung, it is no surprise that Korea and the world is starting to see a glimpse of change in the Home Entertainment system. Particularly, the hottest development is in the 3D devices such as TV, Blu-ray, and cameras. Just as the development of the internet changed education, this recent development will likely change education in a variety of ways.


Twitter in Korean

For the many Korean twitter users, good news comes as Twitter officially started offering the site in Korean. Twitter stated that it noticed a large increase in users in Korea, so it wanted to accommodate these users by offering the service in the language.

Kia KV7

When it comes to car safety, the seat belt is not the only concern anymore. People sometimes complain that it is uncomfortable and that it makes long trips unbearable. Recently, companies such as Hyundai and Kia, along with others, are introducing vehicles that ease this discomfort by installing features that play up the entertainment part of the ride and distract from these simple complaints.

jack rapke

Entirely focused on 3D filming and development, Jack Rapke, Founder and Partner of ImageMovers (IMD), demonstrated his unique vision at the 3D International Fair Press Conference on January 13, 2011.

David Ebner
With work in the films such as Alice in Wonderland, Evan Almighty, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, it is not a surprise that David Ebner, Creative Director for Stereo PIctures America (SPA), attended the thrilling 3D International Fair where all the experienced 3D film makers gather.
Seoul International 3D Fair
Creative juices are running through the minds of the Seoul International 3D Fair dwellers as they listen to the key discussions of 3D film production. The fair will continue through the 16th, where there will be various events and seminars just as the ones that were held today.
Buy Korea 2011

Today, January 11, the "Buy Korea 2011" event at the Kintex, Ilsan began. It consists of approximately 85% of global buyers and 15% of global sellers in total. This event shows that Korea and the world are harmonizing and advancing together with both importing and exporting of goods. There were many booths filled with companies from different industries that intended to collaborate with others.

Match-Making service

Join the trend of the prosperous companies by teaming up with another company to jump into international sales and collaboration.

Samsung Keynote speech

The 2011 International CES frenzy ended on January 9 with record breaking numbers of international attendees and CEO participants. As the largest international trade show in the world, it included numerous avenues to reveal the latest technologies through Keynote speeches and other product presentation methods. CES extended its reach this year by including a new highlight program referred to as "Entertainment Matters."

International CES

Thursday's events at CES, held in Las Vegas, wrapped up a few hours ago. People flocked eagerly around booths such as celebrities and the high-tech lovers.

CES gadget

LAS VEGAS - January 5, 2011-Excitement is in the air as 2011 International CES, hosted in Las Vegas, turns into the hub of the latest technologies as it runs until January 9.  CES features technologies from numerous areas such as audio, digital health, lifestyle electronics, and much more!

Analarm watch

Although many have already decided how to make 2011 a better year, reconsideration is in order. What could make every day of the year better? Start the day off right with an Analarm vibrating watch that is rumored to wake anyone up in a better mood.

Amazon Appstore

This week Amazon opened up an opportunity for Android App developers who have apps, but cannot afford the high-priced costs of Apple or Google. The stated fee that it would charge developers is US$99/ year. However, the fee will be waived for the first year which helps developers save on expenses that it cannot afford in the first year of business.

New Discovery

For those who heard people say that they would never achieve anything extraordinary in front of a computer screen, a new hope has arrived! A man, Peter Jalowiczor, claims that over the period of three years, he discovered four planets only through using two computers.

Toshiba Tablet

The tablet makers who control the market right now are Apple and Samsung; however, that could change after Toshiba hits the market with its intended purpose to attract those who want the portability of the tablet minus the expensive contracts that come with wireless carriers.

LG-Sony dispute


As of Tuesday, it was reported that Sony, a Japanese electronics company, filed a patent-infringement complaint to the U.S. International Trade Commission in relation to LG mobile devices and moderns.

Sony is determined to keep LG phones that use its alleged technology off the large U.S. mobile phone market. Scrutiny towards LG has developed in recent times as complaints have been filed in a short period of time.

food printer
A group at Cornell University's Computational Synthesis Lab steps up to replace the traditional way of cooking with laser printer produced foods. Printing the perfect 3D picture that is actually good enough to eat!
Hanwha onsure

samsung fire

new energy