Readers: Kindle or iPad?

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Friday, December 3rd, 2010
Kindle vs. iPad

Currently Apple is selling its iPad at the starting price of $499. As a small computing device, it has many features; however, it is cutting into the e-reading market through its iBooks feature.

A popular e-reader, Amazon's Kindle, is known for its thin book-like appearance and simple features. It has a current affordable price starting at $139. This device takes the experience of reading and cuts down on the bulk of the book.

Recent research by ChangeWave suggests, "A sizable 93 percent of Kindle owners are more likely to read books on their device, compared with 76 percent of iPad owners." A competition that was not foreseen, these two devices marketed at separate target groups which over time have emerged.

Another finding by this research shows that iPad owners are almost five times as likely to read other forms of writing as kindle users. This is another discovery that comes as no surprise to many. Kindle was first designed with books in mind while iPad is for more of the active people on-the-go.

The real question remains, "Which is the better e-reader?" The answer, "It depends!" Each device's strengths vary by individual. After careful analysis, the list below reveals typical perceptions of   strengths on both sides.



ipad iBooks


  • Touch screen- life-like book experience with page flipping by the flick of a finger
  • Beautiful images and resolution- striking color and definition
  • Words, pictures, audio, and video in one- a complete reading experience







  • No glare experience- just like a real book, it contains no LCD
  • Fabulous battery life- charge lasts for up to a month
  • Simplicity- no setup or software involved
  • Massive storage- like a small sized library consisting of 3,500 books
  • Free 3G network access, instant book delivery, and worry-free purchases with backup


When it comes to reading, my preference is the Kindle. It contains all the features of e-readers such as dictionary, voice-over, page-orientation variety, and compatibility with PDF files just like the iPad. However, the book reading experience seems more life-like with its simple design and features. Like previously mentioned, it takes the bulk out of the book!


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