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Monday, March 19th, 2012

Ji-Eun visited the hospital for her regular checkup. She has been having some digestive problems, so she decided to undergo an endoscopy this time around. A few days after the examination, she returned to the hospital to find out that she is in the first stage of gastric cancer. It is a condition that could threaten her life. Ji-Eun undergoes surgery to remove the malignant tumor and after aggressive treatment, she is cancer free.

An endoscope camera found the cancer inside Ji-Eun’s body. It is easier to use an endoscope to find diseases inside a human body. Then, would it be possible to use a similar method to diagnose heavy machinery, such as an airplane that cannot be disassembled completely?

It is possible by using an industrial video scope. The method is the same as inspecting a human body by inserting an endoscope inside. Industrial video scopes are used to inspect airplanes, vessels, automobiles and industrial machine engines, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. IN-VISION, made by Caretek, makes that possible.



IN-VISION is a full digital electronic video scope that does not utilize glass fiber to deliver video or light. Caretek even obtained a patent for its outstanding technology. Ace-Pro, which is one product of IN-VISION, is a portable video scope with a built-in monitor. It is miniature and light, weighing only 750 grams, and can be used at high places or in a tight space. Its removable internal battery has a maximum use time of seven hours and remaining battery time is shown on the 4.3 inch TFT-LCD monitor. The camera installed on ACE-Pro supports articulation with 120 degree control of both the left and right sides, with video recording storage format and still image storage format. This product is popular in the machine industry because its user can view stored image on site and on demand.

Recently, Caretek’s industrial video scope was used to inspect a famous statue. The equipment was used to examine inside the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin at Gwanghwamun Plaza. Inside the cast metal statue is hollow and the industrial video scope was inserted after making a hole of one-centimeter in diameter. Caretek said, “Our IN-VISION will be used to inspect the Statue of Liberty for safety.”

 Caretek’s IN-VISION products are praised for their high quality by clients, such as Austrian Airlines, Alstom Belgium and Kepco Philippines. They are also exported to Australia, Canada, Belgium, Hungary, China, Vietnam and India. Regarding competitors, CARETEK’s IN-VISION is less expensive than Olympus and GE’s products. When compared with the products of Taiwan and China, Caretek product’s quality are excellent. For more information about Caretek, please visit

Caretek has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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