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Monday, March 26th, 2012

Night Vision
Driving without high quality headlights may compromise your safety on dark roads at night – is it really worth the risk? Brighter and more durable light on the road ahead equals to safer night time driving. It’s as simple as that. To improve your night vision and enhance your safety, DH Lighting produces automotive halogen bulbs known as “Excelite” brand lasting more than 200% longer than standard bulbs.

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The key slogan of DH Lighting has been ‘Zero Defect’ since its establishment in 1993. Its automotive bulbs are observed by three times the quality inspections during the production process. First, it carefully checks the raw material quality. Also, skilled and trained workers and automatic production machines always keep an eye on the production condition step by step. Lastly, the Quality Management Team controls the final inspection before the products are sold. All of its bulbs are fully satisfied in ECE and SAE regulations.

Proven quality by car makers
Its technological capability has been acknowledged as the best of the best in the automotive lighting industry by acquiring E-mark from Europe. It passed DOT test and obtained ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 for the quality and environment management system. With its accumulated technologies and know-how, it has recently extended its business area to the solar cell of a new green energy business and PTC for electronic parts in collaboration with overseas business partners.

“You could say the strength of SMEs would promptly grasp customer’s needs and respond to their request ASAP. We have developed many innovative auto bulbs for the retailer’s market and designed various types of packages depending on their needs. Besides Hyundai and Kia as a second vendor, now we are exporting our products to over 30 countries for aftermarket, and were awarded $10 million export trophy and commendation from the Ministry of knowledge Economy in 2008,” the company said. 

DH Lighting has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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