The 7th World Water Forum held at Gyeongbuk and Daegu in 2015

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

DAEGUE, KOREA- In 2015, between March and April, the 7th World Water Forum (WWF) will open at both Gyeongbuk and Daegu, Korea.

The one-week event invites NGOs (Non Profit Organization), world leaders and water experts every 3 years to find solutions to water shortage in the world through discussion. The decision came in October last year, after two Korean cities won against Glasgow of Scotland at the World Water Council (WWC)’s 43rd Board of Governor meeting in Rome, Italy.


During the period with “World Water Day” in the mid, the forum is expected to offer various platforms where the participants can address water-related issues, and also they will provide directions and measures to each member country at several international meetings.

“Successful WWF in Korea will raise Gyeongbuk’s status, and serve as a stepping stone to become the focal point of the global water industry,” said Gyeongbuk Governor Kim Gwan-yong.

Celebrated as “Water Olympic”, each time, more than 30,000 influential people worldwide gather for WWF, and promote investment in the water industry, which leads to a huge economic effect and recognition from the international community for a host country.

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