IT839 Strategy Upgrade

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007
by Chun Go-eun

The Ministry of Information and Communication held an IT839 strategy meeting on September 20. Minister Yoo Young-hwan, project managers, and the directors of major divisions sat together at this meeting to go over the strategy, evaluate the results so far, and discuss further plans to take it to the next level.

MIC decided to explore and develop foreign markets with 8 successful cases of service areas. Subscribers to HSDPA/WCDMA, for example, are soon expected to reach the 4 million mark. The companies are in active competition as well. The government will increase the investment in this technology to develop the quality of service.

Because the standardization of WiBro will be decided at the IMT-2000 meeting in October at ITU-RA, the government decided to develop WiBro into WAVE II, which will be twice as fast and hold twice as much data.

DMB service coverage was planned at the meeting to be increased 50% to cover most of the suburban areas of Seoul. Active support of real time broadcasting will be given to China, Germany, the Vatican, Italy, and Ghana, where DMB has been exported.

Another subject was Digital Broadcast and IPTV. Seeing that they will have a great impact in home networking, digital content, and Broadband Convergence Network (BCN), the government will work for the relevant laws and legislation to be passed promptly.

Also, RFID/USN will be highly supported by the government. The MIC is expecting to invest 38 billion won for RFID/USN to spread across the entire nation.

The MIC sought to support Telematics to take the next step as well. The Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) service based on DMB has been widespread in the market.

The Ministry will provide certification policies for home network equipment like home gateways and wall pads and will complete the establishment of the National Traffic Information System within a year.

As far as IT services are concerned, a software process quality certification will be created soon. Also, the government will work to strengthen the partnership with Africa and Central and South America.

The IT 839 strategy has been continuously contributing to put Korean IT as a strong IT leader in the global market. The government's decision to upgrade its strategy will further benefit the Korean IT industry.


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