“100 Million Users Go KaTalk, KaTalk!!”

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

SEOUL, KOREA- Kakao, the provider of mobile messenger service KakaoTalk, today announced that KakaoTalk has hit 100 million users, 3 years and 3 months since the service’s launch in March 2010. The 100 millionth user registration occurred on July 2nd,  9:03 a.m. Korean standard time.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk passes 100 million users

KakaoTalk recorded 10 million users in April 2011, 50 million users in June 2012, and 90 million users this May. The speed of user growth has increased significantly in the recent months, taking just two months to obtain an additional 10 million users after reaching 90 million, as opposed to the average of four months. The expedited growth is attributed to Kakao’s recent marketing and localization activities in the global market.

Kakao has attributed its success to three core factors.  First, Kakao’s dedication to ‘innovation in communication’ with a user focused approach, through projects like the ‘100 improvements suggested by users’ campign. Next, Kakao’s efforts to provide a novel entertainment element in chatting, through features including VoiceTalk, Gifting, and Chatting Plus. Lastly, a successful transition from a mobile messenger to a mobile social platform supporting mobile commerce (Gifting), ads (PlusFriends), games (Kakao Games), and more, based on KakaoTalk’s overwhelming usage and network power.

Meanwhile, Kakao has recently set out on a new journey to become a global mobile social platform, engaging in active mass marketing and localization strategies in markets with high mobile growth potential.

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