The World's First Wireless Electric Bus to Debut in Gumi

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Monday, August 5th, 2013

SEOUL, KOREA- The world's first wireless electric bus will be in operation on the road. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation said on August 4 that it would hold a demonstration session in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, on the 6th for a bus running on electricity fed through power strips buried underneath the road surface.

The Gumi city government will make a commercial launch of the electric bus in January next year after six months of experimental runs. Developed by researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the electric vehicle using electromagnetic induction had been shown on the 1st for the first time on the road of the city's downtown.
Instead of existing electric vehicles that must be recharged regularly in charge stations, the wireless electric bus can recharge while on the go, which allows it to carry much-smaller batteries. Cho Dong-ho, professor at the KAIST and principal scientist responsible for the electric bus development project, said, "The electric supply system buried underneath the road surface in Gumi has been optimized for the operational conditions of the bus. We have substantially reduced the risk of electromagnetic radiation that has been the persistent problem for similar systems elsewhere."
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