Seoul City Gov't Offers "Energy Consulting" to Apartment Residents

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Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
SEOUL, KOREA- The Seoul Metropolitan City Government said on September 24 that it has completed, jointly with KT, a two-month "energy consulting" on the city's apartment residents and helped them save an average of 10 percent in their electricity bills.The number of apartment households who took advantage of the service was 21,545, one building in every apartment complexes in Seoul.
To that end, teams of consultants visited the houses and conducted technical, structural, and administrative analysis on actual conditions of energy use in the buildings. For example, the consultants found that an apartment in Seokkwan-dong in the north of the city could save up to 82 percent a month (1,200 won from 6,500 won) in electric charges for common areas including basement parking spaces and staircases.
A city government official said, "With a simple change in electric utility contract types most appropriate for each apartment building, apartment residents could cut their energy bill significantly." The city government will expand the program to 250 apartment complexes in October and November, followed by 500 complexes next year.
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