Samsung Kicks off Commissioning of Equipment Orders for Xi'an Plant

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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
SEOUL, KOREA- Samsung Electronics has begun commissioning equipment orders for its newly constructed semiconductor plant in Xi'an, China. The Xi'an plant is dedicated to producing 3D NAND flash memory chips. For example, Wonik IPS said in a regulatory filing on September 30 that it signed an agreement with Samsung China to supply semiconductor manufacturing equipment worth 50.25 billion won. This is 14.41 percent of the company's consolidated sales revenue last year.
Tess Semiconductor also said in a disclosure on the same day that it made a 28.8-billion-won contract with Samsung China to supply semiconductor equipment. This is as much as 40.9 percent of its sales revenue in 2012. Tera Semicon also signed a 12.1-billion-won deal with Samsung China. Earlier, other semiconductor equipment companies including , KC Tech, LOT Vacuum, and Uni-Sem had won equipment supply orders from Samsung China.
Samsung Electronics will build a NAND flash memory chip plant in Xi'an at the total cost of US$7 billion. The construction has begun this month. As the company will place additional equipment orders by the year's end, it is expected that other Korean equipment makers will benefit.
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