LG G3 Passes 100,000 Mark in Cumulative Sales in Just 5 Days after Launch

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Thursday, June 5th, 2014
SEOUL, KOREA - G3, a brand-new smartphone which LG Electronics started selling from May 28, is enjoying high popularity, with its daily sales volume estimated at 20,000-30,000 units. The cumulative sales of the G3 passed the 100,000 mark in just five days after launch. This sales pace is the fastest among the smartphones LG has released.



The domestic per-day sales of the G2, for example, which LG released early August 2013, stood at less than 10,000 units. In other words, the G3 is selling more than twice faster than the G2.

There are multiple factors behind the hike in G3 sales. First, LG Electronics is staging aggressive marketing effort. When LG released the G2 last year, it was reported then the LG smartphone model had substantially caught up with frontrunners such as Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. in terms of product quality. 

It was difficult for LG to increase marketing expenses since its mobile phone business had sluggish operating profit. The situation has changed this year as its mobile phone business chalked up profits (59.3 billion won for 2012 and 70.9 billion won for 2013) for two straight years, being affordable to expand marketing activities.


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