Doosan Heavy Wins 2 Water Treatment Projects in Oman and Britain

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Thursday, July 2nd, 2015
doosan heavy

Doosan Heavy Industries said on July 1 that it won water treatment plant projects in Oman and Britain back to back.

The Korean company signed an agreement with Haya Water, Oman's state-run wastewater treatment company, to take on Phase 2 of the Al Ansab sewer water treatment plant project at the cost of 90 billion won. The project calls for building a plant capable of processing 50,000 tons of wastewater a day. Doosan will be responsible for equipment supply, construction, and pilot operation and complete the project by 2017.

Separately, Doosan Enpure Ltd., Doosan's British subsidiary, succeeded in winning a project commissioned in Jersey Island at the cost of 86.0 billion won. The third-phase Bellozanne wastewater processing plant project calls for building a plant capable of processing 71,000 tons of water a day by 2020.

A Doosan Heavy Industries official said, "Thanks to our relentless effort to develop water treatment technology and expand market throughout the world, we could land the deals in both Oman and England. Given the world's water treatment market is projected to grow to US$780 billion by 2018 from $600 billion this year, we will aggressively pursue new projects all around the world."


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