Clothes with e-Textile Materials?

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

The Next Generation Computing Technology Show 2009 presented state-of-art Korean IT Technology under the theme "IT RE*connect." Featured technologies of human computing, cloud computing, and green computing demonstrated a fantastic performance with harmony among humanity, technology, and nature. This will provide a new message for future generations.

Fabric Display Technology

Fabric Display Technology

Wear optical fibers, LEDs, and e-textile materials in the near future

Fabric display technology includes techniques and systems of displaying dynamic images or text on clothes using optical fibers, LEDs, and other e-textile materials.

Designed byy Seoul National University Fashion Design Lab

Projection User Interface

ETRI Wearable Computing Research Team designed a neck-worn PC concept that has a built-in pico projector and computer, which provides users with a more natural interface such as to interact with the real life objects.

Projection User Interface

Pico projector, camera, and neck-type computer all in a gold neckless and a glove

designed by Myung Su Lee

Human Body Communication

ETRI presented Human body communication that uses a human body as a transmission medium: Key technology for Body Area Network (BAN). This provides services including touch-based personal authentication, electronic payment, e-business cards, touch-based advertisement, e-Healthcare, and communication services for wearable PCs.

Human Body Communication

Human body as a trasmission medium


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