China Mobile Will Introduce 4G Network Later This Year

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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Later this year, China Mobile will be the first in the world to introduce their 4G mobile communications network. On January 17, it was announced that China Mobile plans to introduce their 4G mobile communications network at the Shanghai Expo held in May. Once it is introduced, they plan to provide a trial test for users from May to October. It is uncertain at this point if the service will be a success.

3G mobile communications networks are established in numerous countries worldwide, but China will be the first country to introduce a 4G network service. However, many countries are planning to follow up with this new service soon.

China Mobile's 4G mobile communication network uses a 4th generation system known as TD-LTE (Time Division - Long Term Evolution). This is an upgraded version of the 3rd generation system known as the TD-SCDMA.

It has been announced that the transmission speed of TD-LTE is 20 times faster than the 3G communication network.

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