KCC Signs a MOU with the World Bank

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Korea is going to be a supporter of ICT for developing countries
Monday, April 26th, 2010
KCC signed on MOU with World Bank

From left: Lee Gi-joo and Jaun Jose Daboub are excited about their agreement

Lee Gi-joo, Secretary-General of Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Jaun Jose Daboub, managing director of World Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on ICT development on April 23. KCC and the World Bank are poised to work collaboratively for providing Korea's experience and knowledge of ICT to developing countries.

By this contract, Korea and the World Bank became a partner in strategy execution for being offered the skills, knowledge and experience that Korea has. The countries are going to be chosen soon by Korea and the World Bank.

This agreement is very suggestive. Korea is the first country that the World Bank has made a contract with; it implies that World Bank considers Korea a prime example in the ICT field. And this partnership would be very helpful to domestic companies that want to enter into the market. Above all, unlike the closed development of business and support procedure that the World Bank has persisted in the past years, this contract has settled towards an open direction. With this change of direction, Microsoft, Intel, Slesforce, Pfizer have signed an MOU with the World Bank as well.

Also, at the meeting Lee discussed about mobile applications from Korea and mentioned that with the World Bank, they will try to promote ICT improvement in Africa. Thus, the ministers of ICT from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and other African countries attended the meeting to appeal to the World Bank and KCC to actively support for the transformation of their nations.

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