KEPCO Opens Jeju Island Smartplace Demo

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Friday, June 25th, 2010

KEPCO (Korea Electronic Power Corporation) announced on the 22nd that it is accelerating the Smart Place demonstration project by starting the installment of smart meters in four areas including Deockchun, Hangwon, Handong, Songdang from early this month.

According to KEPCO, a total of 37 companies including Korea Electronic Power Data Network and LS Industrial System are participating. 

The KEPCO 'smart' consortium has established a temporary smart grid server, AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and installed 5 DUC, which is a device for communication collecting and sending 50 smart meters and electric meters. These smart meters and electric meters can be calculated bidirectionally on a 15 minute basis, targeting 50 households living in test-bed areas.

KEPCO is analyzing customers energy consumption patterns through systems installed and analysis will be used for demand response and energy consulting. Until September, the KEPCO consortium plan to complete a system installment targeting a total of 570 households.

In addition, KEPCO is currently building a smart place experience and visitors will have opportunity to experience residential environments introducing the concept of a smart place as well as eco-friendly transportation including renewable energy, electronic cars and bicycles using solar power and small wind power.


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