Korea Plans Gigabit Internet

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Korean Internet to become 10 times faster by 2013
Monday, February 2nd, 2009

By 2013, the speed of wired and wireless Internet in Korea will be 10 times faster than now. Using this Internet network, we can watch Ultra Definition TV (UDTV), which will be 4 to 16 times clearer than existing High Definition TV (HDTV). In addition, we will also watch HD level video clips with mobile phones.

And this is all because of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC).  A spokesman for the KCC explained: “From now on, we will invest about 34.1 trillion won, which is composed of about 32.8 trillion won of private funds and about 1.3 trillion won of government funds, to change the domestic wired, wireless and broadcasting communication network into an Internet network.  We will make the world’s best converged infrastructure of wired, wireless and broadcasting systems with a guaranteed speed of 1 Gbps for wired networks and 10 Mbps for wireless networks.”

When this Ultra Broadband convergence Network (UBcN) is built, customers can use all converged services including phone calls, TV, online shopping, and interactive TV finance with UDTV. Furthermore, customers will also be able to use high quality and interactive services like tutoring, medical care, civil affairs solutions, and e-commerce.

When people are outside of the house, they can use multi-converged services like Internet access, phone calls, and IPTV 10 times faster than now, using their mobile phones or private portable devices.

The KCC anticipates that Korea will create the value-added businesses of 17.7 trillion won and the production of 48.5 trillion won in the UBcN industry. Also, Korea will be able to create 120 thousand jobs.

The KCC’s spokesman explained expectations by saying: “When the world’s best UBcN is built, the demand for the new service will increase and it will directly cause the increase of businessmen’s income. After all, it will build up cumulative market effects and contribute to the nation’s improvement.”

On the other hand, the KCC planned to annually examine the UBcN investment performance conditions of broadcast companies like KBS, MBC, SBS and telecommunication companies such as KT, SK Telecom, and LG Dacom. In addition, the KCC also plans to organize and manage a long-term development plan in order to tweak development plans and pick out new business models.


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