State-of-the-art Tracking Systems at CeBIT

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Friday, March 6th, 2009
Cuman booth

The Patch Type tracking device Model CP-100G is great for pets and children

A tiny white tracker on a stuffed puppy's neck rather looks like a sleek accessory at the Cuman booth at Hall 16 of CeBIT 2009.  Spotted in overcrowded booth displays were three different types of tracking devices.  Model CH-100G is a black bar type MP3 player-looking tracker for users to hold in the hand.  The li-ion battery lasts 72 hours and the tracker has many functions including Safe Zone Settings, Current Location Report Route, Direct Call Function, Bluetooth Call, and Phone Book.  Model CW-100G is a watch type tracker for personnel.  It has GPS Sensitivity Monitoring in addition to the similar functions mentioned above.

But what attracts visitors the most is an ultra slim white patch type tracker, Model CP-100G.  “This 40 x 30 x 17 mm tracker has a serious wow factor – a P2P solution,” explained CEO Cheon Young-sun of Cuman.  “P2P solution stands for a person to person application, which means it does not require an operation center to report the location of a subject to the user.  For instance, if an owner is using model CP-100G, the user can be remote controlled by SMS or TCP-IP.  The location of the subject will be reported to a PDA or PC to notify the owners of search results.  The P2P solution enables our product to be able to link to freeware Google map in PDA or PC.  The software is free and there is no service charge for usage of the tracking service.”

Cuman has come to CeBIT with the hope of meeting local distributors who can commercialize his products in their local areas.  “We want our tracker to be seen next to the pet food or in pet shops in local areas all around the world,” CEO Cheon added.

Other trackers are seen on the exhibition floors too, yet Cuman trackers are the smallest, lightest, and the most sophisticated solutions provided, which makes them highly compatible with user needs.  The footsteps of distributors all across the world will protect children and pets who are the most likely recipients of this device, from being put into compromising situations.

How many guardian angels will deliver trackers in 2009?  Such a hopeful question is asked at this CeBIT’s floor.


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