Korea Internet Security Agency

SEOUL, KOREA - South Korea is called a test bed for information technology (IT) on the grounds that the country is packed with well-established infrastructures, a wide range of cutting-edge IT devices and tech-savvy users with a discerning eye. Thus, companies that have been successful in the domestic market are deemed capable of making a good showing in overseas markets.

Kevin Lee, CEO of Wiselogic

SEOUL, KOREA — Online games that began to mushroom around 2002 are now being considered as one of the 21st century’s leisure cultures.

Dr. Sang-eun Lee

SEOUL, KOREA — “Arming Korean software with global competitiveness requires endeavors to elevate agility by applying the OODA loop (The recurring cycle of observe-orient-decide-act) to software development processes.”


SEOUL, KOREA — On May 30, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) jointly held a ceremony at Sejong Hall of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea’s adop

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