Seoul, Korea - The industry is paying attention to the totally different mobile game business strategies engaged by Kakao and NHN in the overseas. 

Seoul, Korea - Korean portals have prepared smart work systems and started to provide the smart work services to small-to-mid enterprises with shallow pockets - the only thing SMEs need is their domain and the e-mail, calendar and other utilities are provided by the portals.

SEOUL, KOREA - NHN, a Korean web portal and game publisher, announced on February 7 that it posted sales of 2.38 trillion won, an operating profit of 702.6 billion won, and a net profit of 545.6 billion won last year.

SEOUL, KOREA - NHN (represented by Kim Sang-hyun) announced a reorganization plan to separate game, mobile service and mobile messenger parts from its search portal.

SEOUL, KOREA – NHN announced on January 11 that its “Line Camera” broke the barrier of 20 million in downloads in ten months after launch. Line Camera is an official camera app of the mobile messenger Line. In 14 countries, the messenger app topped in the category of free app download rankings.

Edward J. Yoon

SEOUL, KOREA — The most pressing hot-button issue in the IT industry is unassailably big data. As a matter of fact, it is the hottest issue across the entire industry spectrum.


SEOUL, KOREA — On May 30, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) jointly held a ceremony at Sejong Hall of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea’s adop

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