Korea Post under the Ministry of Information and Communication will globalize the market and plans to exchange culture via producing stamps together with countries abroad. President of Korea Post Hwang Joong-yeon first worked with Singapore to design stamps using Korean and Singaporean traditional wedding dresses as material. The stamps will be issued on March 30, 2007.

Along with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, now Qatar is seeking to collaborate and exchange technology with Korea. Roh Jun-hyong, Minister of Information and Communication, joined President Roh Moo-hyun's tour to Qatar and participated in the Korea-Qatar Summit Talks on March 27. The conference for IT cooperation between Korea and Qatar was held with Hessa Al Jaber, Secretary-General of the Information and Communication Technology General Committee, and in this conference, Korea and Qatar signed Memorandum of Understanding on IT cooperation.

From April 19 until April 22, the Korea IT Show (KIS), which aims at being a world-class information technology and communication exhibition, will be held at COEX, Samsung-dong, with the theme of Enjoy Digital Convergence and U-Life.

Roh Jun-hyong, Ministry of Information and Communication accompanied President Roh, Moo-Hyun's tour to Saudi Arabia, and participated in the Korea-Saudi Arabia summit-talks on the 25th day. In the presence of the presidents of both countries he signed a memorandum of understanding of IT cooperation, together with Mohamed Jamil Bin Ahmed Mulla, Minister of Information and Communication of Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Information and Communication completed the construction works to upgrade the ubiquitous dream exhibition hall, a representative IT exhibition hall in Korea, and held an event of re-opening on the 23rd day in the presence of Roh Jun-hyong, Ministry of Information and Communication. CEO's of KT, SKT, LGF, LG Electronics, members of the science and technology IT committee in the National Assembly and the president of ETRI also attended.

Roh Jun-hyong, Minister of Information & Communication accompanied President Roh Moo-hyun's visit to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar on March 24 through 29. Faisal Mohd. Alhaiji Bu Khador, Vice Minister and Minister of the Cabinet in Kuwait signed an MOU for improvement of exchange and cooperation in the IT field on the 26th after the Korea-Kuwait summit talks.

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) is taking action to reduce subway accidents that normally occur at the platforms. The MIC will provide Wireless Image Transmission Frequency that allows the subway conductor to monitor a platform that is hundreds of meters ahead. This will prevent death by jump suicides as well as accidental falls off the platform.

On March 15 at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany Samsung Electronics launched the world's most compact and lightest color laser all in-one unit. It is half the size of a conventional printer. Following the launch of the world's smallest 4-in-1 color laser CLX-3160FN in 2006, Samsung Electronics has now unveiled a new and even more compact 3-in-1 CLX-2160N series. The dimensions of this new small printer are 41.3cm by 36.3cm by 33.3cm.

To be reborn as an academic institute organization in which restraint, balance and circulation are live, The Korean Institute of Communication Sciences (KICS, www.kics.or.kr) is reconsolidating its institute organization and operational frame with its new president's inauguration.

CeBIT(http://www.messe.de) is expected to showcase the latest industry trends in which hardware, software and services are combined with the overriding theme of CeBIT 2007: Convergence.

Europe's IT market was deemed to have fallen behind in comparison with that of Asia and North America, but the demand for cellular phones, digital TV, and other mobile information equipment and tools is rapidly increasing, according to Ham Jeong-oh, Director General of the IT and Electronics Industry Marketing Team at KOTRA.

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