The WiBro standard, another name for Mobile WiMax, was adopted as the Information and Telecommunication Union's (ITU) 3G mobile communication standard. As a result, Korea is in position to assume leadership of 4G mobile communication standardization in the coming years. This would harden Korea's position as an IT power.

Atotal of 352.8 billion won (US$384 million) - up 11.3% in comparison with last year, will be invested in national informatization next year in the hopes of concentrating investment in improving the quality of life.

In next-generation LCD line investment, Samsung Electronics is set to go straight to 10G, skipping 9G.

On the first day of the FPD International conference held in Yokohama, Japan on October 24, Samsung LCD Business President, Lee Sangwan, said: "Samsung Electronics is considering going directly to 10G." Samsung Electronics have decided to make the move as part of a strategy to maintain global LCD leadership.

Business circles forecast that when 10G, which is 70% more efficient than 8G, is operated, popularization will be enlarged even more.

Three days in Singapore doesn't seem to be enough time to discuss the revolutionary new technology IPTV, but Junction, organizer of IPTV World Forum Asia, seem to try to make up for that by packing an impressive number of sessions into December 5, 6, and 7. That's right, in the first week of next month IPTV will be the topic of choice in Suntec.

Internet access via mobile phones was only the beginning of the mobile Internet life. Now is the era when people surf on the web in the middle of board-surfing a real wave. The development of Internet protocols will now allow the extension of the Internet across the Solar System. Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton G.

With the forthcoming Chungnam Crystal Valley Exhibition to be held at the beginning of November as a momentum, Chungnam Asan City is becoming anew an object of attention as a mecca of the LCD industry complex from participants and visitors at home and abroad.

Supported by strong exports and facility investments, the national economy has grown 4.8 percent during the first three quarters of this year from a year ago.

The seasonally-adjusted economic growth during the second quarter especially was 1.8 percent compared with the first quarter, the highest growth since the fourth quarter in 2003 (2.7 percent). During the third quarter, too, the production growth of the service industries including manufacturing industry has shown an upward tendency.

The Chungnam Display Cooperation Agency (CNDCA) is one of organizers of CVCE (Crystal Valley Conference & Exhibition) 2007, which is scheduled to open at the Cheonan Campus of Dankook University. On the occasion of this event, IT Times met up with Professor Lim Sung-kyoo, who is in the CNDCA as director of External Cooperation Business Group. The interview with him is mainly focusing on the current situation of external cooperation for CVCE 2007 and the key tasks for the success of Crystal Valley. We also heard about his suggestions for a successful CVCE.

Star 2007, I world like to give sincere thanks to all those who have shown deep concerns and support for this event.

"My dream is for the whole world to work together to enable everyone to enjoy sanitary, cultural, and environment-friendly toilets." Toilets are essential to the proper disposal of waste and water management. Nevertheless, they are often eclipsed by broader social issues such as 'sanitation' or 'public health.' Even in everyday parlance, toilets are typically alluded to, rather than referred to directly. However, by emphasizing the central and crucial role toilets play in daily life, proper sanitation, and hygiene, the WTA seeks to propel the topic of toilets to the forefront.

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