The people of South Korea seem to be searching for an international identity, and unsure of what they can be known for on the world's stage. But there is one thing that the country is increasingly being known for, and that is its unique approach to computer gaming. The country is the only place in the world where a professional computer gamer can make over US$200,000 a year before the age of 21.

Many fields to cooperate with each other

Korea's national competitiveness ranking rose with the 11th rank, up 12 in comparison with the previous year thanks to rapid ascension of science technology, corporate activity maturity, and corporate innovation.

According to the 2007 National Competitiveness Report, announced by the World Economic Forum on October 31st, Korea posted the highest ranking since this report began to be announced in 1996 as our country's competitiveness ranking rose from the 23 rank last year to the 11 rank this year.

The early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes. When it comes to LEDs, ST Wide is trying to be that bird. ST Wide (www.stwide.co.kr) are an LED module manufacturing venture company. They have been enjoying high growth by producing competitive products through active research and development projects. The recent surge in ST Wide's sales is mainly attributable to the diligence and endless efforts made by executives and workers in the company.

The patent world in South Korea is undergoing a period of growth and change these days. Many new patents are being made, as always, but also many new patent lawsuits are being pursued.

Q: What's your opinion of Asan development's potential and outlook?


A: Asan has been showing rapid pace since its population surpassed 200,000 in November 2004. As of the end of June, 2007, Asan's population was around 220,000.


LG Electronics (LG), a global technology leader and pioneer in home appliance convergence as well as the world's leading air conditioner manufacturer, announced on November 1 that the company plans to expand into the energy solution business to actively respond to energy and environmental issues. Through this move, LG expects to achieve sales of US$7 billion by 2010. The company also expects its proportion of sales of commercial air conditioners will increase from 30 percent of its total air conditioner sales to 50 percent by 2010.

In the center of Korea LCD industry which is running fast global number one position, Samsung LCD Business is rightly playing an important centripetal force role.

The computer game industry in Korea has grown into a high value added cultural contents industry, and it is now playing an important role as a growth engine of national economy. On the occasion of the G Star 2007 festival, the Korea IT Times met up with Choi Kyu-nam, President of KOGIA (the Korea Game Industry Agency), and heard about KOGIA's core plans and activities. The game industry has grown into a core cultural contents industry, but unfortunately, the scandal of "Sea Story" last year had a significant negative impact on the game industry.

Using the catchphrase, "Toilet is Life," The World Toilet Association Inaugural General Assembly (WTAA) will kick off with a five-day scheduled conference on November 21, 2007 at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul, Korea. Korea's toilets have improved drastically over the last twenty years. This was made possible due to the history of cooperation between the government, civic organizations, and citizens who cooperated to produce better toilet facilities.

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