SEOUL, KOREA – Hancom, an office suite developer in S. Korea, said Tuesday it has joined hands with Japanese IT service provider Genech IT Solutions Corp. to supply cloud office solution “Thinkfree Server for Zimbra” to the Japanese market.

SEOUL, KOREA - Haansoft (represented by Lee Hong-goo) is planning to spur the improvement of mobile SW and digital imaging businesses. By strengthening new growth engines, the local software company is going to turn into a comprehensive SW maker.

SEOUL, KOREA - The Ministry of National Defense signed an MOU with Hancom for a technical support for the national defense IT in November last year. A considerable number of Office programs used in the Ministry were changed to a local product of Hancom Office. And other localized SWs are used for many of the defense-related organizations.

SEOUL, KOREA – Hancom Inc acquires Software Imaging Technology LTd., a leading British software company mainly engaged in the mobile printing. Software Imaging Technology is the world’s No. 1 in terms of global market share in the mobile printing sector.

SEOUL, KOREA - 서울시가 한글과컴퓨터(한컴)와 손을 잡고 차세대 업무 환경을 구축한다.


Hancom is one of top thirty Korean software companies that have been selected worthy of global recognition in 2012 through a joint evaluation by KOSEA (Korea Software Enterprise Association), the Korea IT Times, and Computer World.

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