SEOUL, KOREA- Amid controversy surrounding the satellites that Korea's telecom operator KT sold to foreign companies at bargain basement prices, a high-ranking KT official defended his company's decision by saying, "The satellites we sold were not really national assets but KT's private assets."

SEOUL, KOREA- KT announced on November 1 that it will launch into the Kenyan telecommunications market following its earlier launch into Rwanda in Africa.


SEOUL, KOREA - Lee Suk-Chae, KT chairman who was under investigation by the Prosecutor's Office for professional negligence, paid a visit to Rwanda to participate in the Transform Africa Summit 2013, the first overseas trip since the search-and-seizure warrant

SEOUL, KOREA- The Seoul Metropolitan City Government said on September 24 that it has completed, jointly with KT, a two-month "energy consulting" on the city's apartment residents and helped them save an average of 10 percent in their electricity bills.
SEOUL, KOREA- KT announced on September 16 that it will launch a Korea-Japan Wi-Fi automatic roaming service. The newly offered Wi-Fi automatic roaming service will enable KT customers to use NTT DoCoMo’s Wi-Fi network if they go to Japan, while allowing NTT DoCoMo’s clients to use KT’s Wi-Fi network if they visit Korea.
SEOUL, KOREA- Meritz Financial Group will take part in the bidding war to take over Woori Financial. Meanwhile, homegrown private equity fund firm T-Stone Partners will join the fray to acquire the group's asset management arm Woori F&I.
SEOUL, KOREA- KT announced on September 12 that it was included in the “Industry Leader Group” on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World for three straight years.
SEOUL, KOREA- The government has collected a total of 9.2 trillion won from spectrum auctions for 12 years since 2001. Congresswoman Min Byung-joo of the ruling New Frontier Party and a member of the Science, ICT, Future Planning, Broadcasting & Communications Committee said on September 3 based on data submitted by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning that the government has earned 5,615.5 billion won through auctions and assignments.

SEOUL, KOREA- KT announced on September 1 that it signed an agreement with Ericsson LG to promote R&D on next-generation wireless relay stations and launched joint technology cooperation.

SEOUL, KOREA- According to investment banking sources on September 1, KT will push for the acquisition of Woori Financial by organizing a task force within its corporate center, the strategic unit of the group. An investment banker close to the deal said, "KT Group is currently weighing how much synergies it can expect from a merger of Woori Financial with its BC Card."
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