SEOUL, KOREA – South Korean telecom operator KT has commercialized its giga Wi-Fi service that is 10 times faster than fixed-lined Internet access. KT said Sunday it already applied its giga Wi-Fi service to the Gwanghwamun area in downtown Seoul and plans to expand it to the Gangnam District,

SEOUL, KOREA - KT is planning to pass down its know-how on sustainability management to its partners.

Seoul, Korea - According to the telecom industry on the 17th, KT has moved up its LTE-A service launch schedule by two months. As KT started to move toward the LTE-A market, its competitors, SK Telecom and LGU+ who originally aimed at the September launch are likely to move up their schedules also, to keep up with the competition. 


SEOUL, KOREA – The number of subscribers to the free voice call payment plans drawn up by Korea’s three telecom operators (SK Telecom, KT and LG U+) surpassed the one million mark in less than 20 days. Over 70% of the subscribers are estimated to have simply changed their payment plans rather than changing their service provider.

SEOUL, KOREA - It is estimated that the business profits made by SK Telecom and KT in the first quarter sharply dropped by 10~44% compared with the same period of the previous year as they spent a considerable amount of money on marketing activities.

SEOUL, KOREA – KT will carry out “KT Optic Cable Project” to replace copper wires with optic cables by 2017. KT Optic Cable Project is projected to open up a new network market worth KRW 300 billion .

SEOUL, KOREA - The telecommunications industry said on April 3rd that they would invest into network worth KRW 1.1468 trillion this year. But the actual purchase is expected to be less than KRW 1 trillion, resulting in the worst business environment for communications device makers.

SEOUL, KOREA – KT’s decision to change from Android to HTML5 for its smart IPTV OS seems to stem from its concerns over its dependence on Google’s platform. In addition, KT is believed to have reached the conclusion that web-based technology HTML5 is the optimum choice for realizing IPTV’s strength in interactivity through smart services. Besides, KT’s such move is in line with ongoing global trends towards HTML5.

SEOUL, KOREA – A consortium consisting of Daewoo International, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and KT has won a KRW 23 billion project to build a high-speed Internet network in the state of Podlaskie, Poland.

SEOUL, KOREA - Network service providers are advancing into the energy management market with an aim of expanding their business areas even into the B2B market. Thanks to their move, the market of ‘network-based energy management’ is expected to sharply grow.

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