Seoul, Korea - Most of the businesses in electronic payment business gathered at the All Payment Conference 2013 held at the Grand Ballroom, KOEX to discuss the mobile payment business, which is not a matter of choice anymore, but a destiny to all businesses. 

Seoul, Korea - The telecoms are expanding their business scopes to property management by adding specific business areas such as energy consumption management and construction to find a new growth engines in convergence between real estate and ICT.

Seoul, Korea - SK Telecom and SK Broadband are joining the fight for smart IPTV market in the 2nd half of this year with the launch of their smart set-top box. 


SEOUL, KOREA – On Sunday, KT said it has signed an MoU with the Rwandan government to set up a joint venture company that will be tasked with the building of 4G LTE high-speed wireless networks in Rwanda.

Seoul, Korea - The enterprise dedicated line market share is likely to be reshuffled as the followers, LG U+ and SK Broadband, are closing in fast While KT is maintaining the leadership.

SEOUL, KOREA - KT is planning to sell Smart Pad with Windows 8 embedded. They’ve decided to put in the market Windows 8 Smart Pad (Tablet PC) that is linked to LTE and/or 3G network.

SEOUL, KOREA - While Long Term Evolution (LTE) is making a sensational growth, WiBro is also posting a steady growth. For the last seven months, more than 20,000 WiBro routers have been sold per month, meaning the wireless broadband Internet service is being established as a sub-item for 4G mobile telecommunications service.

SEOUL, KOREA - It has been reported that the net profit growth rate of three major local telecommunications companies made here in the domestic market was greater than that of the two giant exporters of Samsung and LG made in foreign markets.


SEOUL, KOREA – “It is natural to see the emergence of OTT (over-the-top) business models, such as KakaoTalk and Netflix, which do not have their own networks but generate revenues by leveraging the existing communications environment.

SEOUL, KOREA – The Korean LTE front formed by Korea’s three mobile operators (SK Telecom, KT and LG U+) is expanding into small cells. Competition between two solutions, high-power picocells and easy-to–install femtocells, is fierce.

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