SEOUL, KOREA—This time Apple did not trim its mascot head stem for a new look, but rather grew it. The latest version of the iPhone generation has appeared with Long-Term Evolution wireless networks and a larger display.

Ovum believes that Korea Telecom’s (KT) recently announced restructure will make it more responsive and better position it to focus on key growth drivers. As part of the restructure announced on August 13, 2012, KT will create three new entities to help realize the growth potential of its media/content, satellite, and real estate business areas.

Dr. Sang-eun Lee

SEOUL, KOREA — “Arming Korean software with global competitiveness requires endeavors to elevate agility by applying the OODA loop (The recurring cycle of observe-orient-decide-act) to software development processes.”

"KT wishes to respond to the serious and unfounded allegations published in the Korea Times on 11 July in regards to alleged kickbacks paid to Telkom executives in South Africa in connection with the proposed transaction between Telkom and KT. No Telkom executive has ever asked for or been offered a kick-back or bribe by KT.

Double V

SEOUL, KOREA — KT powertel, KT Group's communication affiliate, is scheduled to hold a press conference over launching its new TRS Smartphone (trunked radio systemSmartphone), "Double V" at Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul on July 4.


SEOUL, KOREA — On May 30, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) jointly held a ceremony at Sejong Hall of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea’s adop

Enjoy your speed, SKT LTE

SEOUL, KOREA — As KT (a Korean integrated wired/wireless telecommunication service provider) finally jumped on the bandwagon of LTE (Long Term Evolution services), the next-generation LTE market is expected to be trisected.

Korea coast guard vessel

SEOUL, KOREA — Scenario. TRS Phone Usage: Sergeant Kim stands guard to protect the livelihoods of Korea’s coastal fishing community day by day.

As usual, Sergeant Kim Ji-Soo headed out into rough seas in a Korea coast guard vessel to rescue Korean fisherman from danger and police the West Sea.

Lee Sang-hoon, president of KT

SEOUL, KOREA — The Data Center opening ceremony was held near Gimhae city hall on December 8, 2011. Despite the modest size, the event drew high-profile attendants like the Mayor of Gimhae, local members of parliament, and personnel from Korea Communications Commission and Ministry of the Knowledge Economy. 

korean it companies

SEOUL, KOREA − Figures revealed by IMF this year confirmed how world economic conditions have adversely affected global businesses. Financial conditions have deteriorated, growth prospects have dimmed, and downside risks have escalated.

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