SINGAPORE - As 4G LTE technologies are deployed in many countries around the world, efforts to define, research and develop Beyond 4G (b4G) are also under way.


SEOUL, KOREA- 최근 스마트폰 3천만 시대의 도래와 콘텐츠의 고급화에 따라 네트워크에도 한계가 다다르고 있다. 현재 이러한 트래픽 과부하를 해결하기 위해 사용하고 있는 광 통신 기술 또한 수요를 만족시킬 수 없는 상황에 다다랐다.

SAN JOSE, USA- Xilinx, Inc. announced  first customer shipment of the semiconductor industry’s first 20nm product manufactured by TSMC, and the PLD industry's first 20nm All Programmable device.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA- Customer experience management (CEM) has emerged as the top driver of telco IT investments in 2014, according to Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights.


SEOUL, KOREA - The competition is tightening as LG U+, KT and SK, the three major telecommunication corporations in Korea, are making improvements to their LTE and LTE-A services to gain market advantage.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA- The global telecoms industry’s revenues will remain roughly flat over the next few years, with a decline in spending on voice services counterbalanced by growth in spending on mobile and fixed (broadband) data services, according to global analyst firm Ovum.

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SEOUL, KOREA - Lee Suk-chae, Preseident of KT Telecommunications has announced, (KT) will be the first in Korea to start a ‘Broadband LTE-A’ service and set a global standard of 1.8GHz ‘gold frequency’ 20MHz bandwidth in mid-September of this year. 

SEOUL, KOREA- SK Telecom plans to launch broadband LTE services in Seoul within the year’s end and the remaining regions of the country by July 2014. The company held a press conference on September 5 at the Press Center in in downtown Seoul where it announced its broadband LTE service plan.
SEOUL, KOREA- The government has collected a total of 9.2 trillion won from spectrum auctions for 12 years since 2001. Congresswoman Min Byung-joo of the ruling New Frontier Party and a member of the Science, ICT, Future Planning, Broadcasting & Communications Committee said on September 3 based on data submitted by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning that the government has earned 5,615.5 billion won through auctions and assignments.

SEOUL, KOREA- SK Telecom  today held a press conference to announce plans to further strengthen its market leadership through the best network quality, differentiated mobile value-added services, and customer-oriented programs.

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