Kim Yu-na Effect Comes to Seoul Motor Show
Kim Yu-na Effect Comes to Seoul Motor Show
  • Chun Go-eun
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Kim Yu-na has recently won the ISU World Figure Skating Championships
Figure skating wunderkind Kim Yu-na is scheduled to visit Hyundai booth at Seoul Motor Show 2009 on April 11 to give out autographs to her fans.  Hyundai is the current sponsor of Kim Yu-na.  Many hoped to see Kim Yu-na on the first day of the show and expected her to boost up the spirit of the show by being a spotlight to attract the visitors, but it has taken awhile to alter Yu-na's previously set schedules to fit the motor show.  Kim Yu-na's apperance to the show expects to set the highest record of visitors on the eve of last day of the show.

A total of 345,650 visitors have come to the Seoul Motor Show 2009 so far.  The highest record of visitors so far was on April 5, when 184,000 visitors mopped the show floor.  KAMA expects that the Kim Yu-na effect will break the records of all previous visitor histories.  The drop-out of eleven foreign companies gave a negative perspective of the show prior to its opening, yet the show is continuously adding extra special things to bring something to the show.

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