No Future with No Design: Fashionable Gadgets on Race
No Future with No Design: Fashionable Gadgets on Race
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The gadgets' design battle is on. The world-renowned art directors/designers like Michael Laut (USA) and Alexander Mukomelov (Russia) have already captured the digital generation's heart with their innovative smart phones. The global leading agencies, like the Chocolate Agency (China) has also successfully introduced the futuristic mobile phone that is green and beautiful. Brand new concepts of earphones, PMP, X-Box, and Projectors were introduced to Korean market with strengthened designs. Samsung and LG phones just have entered the innovation battle, as Nokia joined the competition, answering LG's Prada phone and the new Apple iPhone challenges.


Top line futuristic phones

Radia by Michael Laut

Michael Laut of Laut Design Inc. designed the Radia, a futuristic cell phone concept that features a circular touch screen display and an outer rim. Michael said, "The oval-shaped phone has an outer rim made of brushed aluminum with large, easy to hit buttons embedded in the center of the phone." Laut Design Inc. (America) is a product and graphic design firm that helps companies and inventors develop creative solutions for their product or brand's aesthetic, function, and market appeal.

When Eject button is pushed, the second screen unfurls

An Art Director, Alexander Mukomelov of Mukomelov Studio (Russia) has designed "mobile script" with a concept that promises to function as smart phone in the thinnest form under the sun . Internet access, documents on the go, games, communication, and mobility is guaranteed. But what makes this phone one in a million is its 2 touch screens: one in a traditional candy bar style format, the other a flexible OLED that stiffens with a low voltage charge when you unfurl it. This layout enables maximum quality when watching movies or editing documents. The case is covered in a photo sensitive nano material that converts sun light into energy.

P-Per Mobile Phone by the Chocolate Agency

The P-Per mobile phone is designed by the Chocolate Agency (China) with key concepts of high tech, simple, green, and unique. P-Per is made from only 4 layers, and one of them is an e-paper screen that warps the entire phone. Made out entirely of sustainable materials, this futuristic mobile phone is using extruded polycarbonate to cope with its physical functions, hypoallergenic and recyclable titanium parts, and environmental friendly organic battery.

Nokia 888 by Tamer Nakisci

Tamer Nakisci designed Nokia 888 with flexibility in mind, allowing users to wrap it round their wrist or in fact any part of body it will fit round. Its highly advanced features are: speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover, liquid battery, and changing color along with the shape of the phone.


Code Bling-Bling


LG U+ launched the nation's first full-touch cell phone "XOXO" with the highest resolution in Korea for female consumers this month. This product is featuring a collaboration with the fashion brand "Lovcat". A heart which is the Lovcat's symbol is printed on the case. The flamboyant design that makes you think of the phone as more of a designer bag rather than just one of those dreary, stark IT machines, has been such a great hit among female consumers that the product is now a best-seller in stores.

Sony Korea released their new earphone "Jienne CHIC" which looks like a fancy jewel. Jienne CHIC adopted the design from Swarovski covering its product with diamond-shaped crystals. Various options for colors which are popular with women make it more attractive.




Code Cutie Pie

Nori by Samsung

Samsung launched a full-touch cell phone "Nori" with a cute design for women. The product's name Nori is from the pronunciation of a Korean word which means play. Like its name, the exterior of of the phone reminds you of a cute toy. You can put character stickers on both front and back of the phone, and 3D motion photo function enables you to convert 2D pictures to stereo ones.

Cowon recently released a new PMP (portable multimedia player) named "V5W". With edges rounded off and the anti-slippery surface, makes it comforting to the touch. The colorful icons that are here and there on the pastel-colored screen react as if they were alive when you touch them, giving you the joy of doing a puzzle.


Code Minimalism

X-Box 360

Earlier this month, Microsoft has launched a new version of the XBox 360, which is 30% smaller. Despite the minimized size of the console, the hard disk space was doubled so that it can store a whole lot more games and entertainment content. Moreover, MS solved the noise and overheating problems that occurred with previous models.

Minimalism is expanding its territory even in "Projectors' Ville". Optoma recently has released a handheld projector 'PK301' altering the general perception that 'projectors are big and heavy'. Even with a drastic reduction in size, it features the best contrast and the biggest screen among equals. Plus, interworking with other digital devices including iPhone is another beauty of this item.





Exclusive Report on LG Optimus Z

The following is the exclusive report on the newest LG phone, Optimus Z.

Optimus Z

LG's new 'Optimus Z' with new Android OS version 2.1 is now available from both KT and SK Telecom in South Korea. The  'Optimus Z' was named after its three fulfillments. The first one of the fulfillments is no enigma (Optimus- It is the premium phone), but what are the other two fulfillments Z comes from the word 'Zenith' (Ultimate smart life), and its last letter of the alphabet which implies 'Completion' (Comprehensive functionality). Therefore, as the name sounds, this smart phone with its slick design provides you with the ultimate, no, beyond ultimate, smart life. The Optimus Q that is currently available in retail stores includes Android version 2.1. When Optimus Q first launched in
Korea in May, it used Android 1.6 but that has since been upgraded.


Integration of the stylish design and smart technology

LG Electronics put the best smart phone technology and a refined style together in making this product.  LG differentiated this product from other available smart phones through a sleek and clean design with sharp edges and thickness measuring only 11.05 mm. The advantage does not only come from its size, but also from the ergonomic structure that enhances the grip on the phone.  In addition, the phone uses a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. There is also an update to the OS scheduled on during the 4th quarter of this year, which allows smart phone applications to be saved in an external storage device.

To accommodate the use of this functionality, the phone comes with an 8GB MicroSD card. Yes, a FREE 8GB MicroSD card. The other specifications include but are not limited to, 3.5 inch WVGA Hyper HD LCD, Dolby Mobile, 5.0 Megapixel camera, DviX player, 3.5 phi audio jack, and other support of HD videos.


LG Optimus Z

Smart Sharing, innovative data sharing

LG attempted to provide more simple and innovative data sharing environment.  After surviving this ordeal, LG is proud to announce that they are the first to apply OSP (On Screen Phone) onto this phone. The OSP connects phone and the PC using either the blue tooth or the data cable.  As the name implies, this program is "Phone on a PC screen." You can control many functions of the phone via PC by displaying an actual phone screen onto a PC screen.  If you drag any files such as documents, images, music on to this phone screen, it saves the files to the actual phone.  You might wonder, "Isn't this the same as iTunes" You might be right! But the difference is that OSP is an actual phone with the actual phone display programmed into the computer, while the iTune is the separate program that helps the computer synchronize with the phone. Furthermore, to facilitate file sharing, the phone also supports LG Air Sync and Drag&Shake file sharing.

Cho Sung-ha, executive vice president of LG Electronics said, "Optimus Z integrated the best smart phone technology and design, which makes this the premium of the smart phones. With the start of Optimus Z as the first of the 'Optimus' series line-ups planned for the latter half of this year, we will attract many buyers and attempt to seize the telecommunication market."


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