Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 Begins!
Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 Begins!
  • Choi Hyung-kyu
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Korea Electroncis Grand Fair 2010 begins

The opening ceremony of Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 started off with a top class tap dance performance by a tap-dancing crew. As the performance went on, the wide screen at the back of the stage was brought to life with vivid imageries depicting technology. "What a great convergence performance," the host of the ceremony, announcer Lee Se Jin stated after the performance. "We have made great progress in IT technology and are bringing them to people all around the world and working towards a brighter future." "The Korea Electronics Grand Fair has met its 41st anniversary, and under our slogan 'IT's my life' we are now currently the biggest electronics show not only in Korea, but in Asia as well. The technology and innovations we see here represents the very best of electronics in Asia." the host concluded her remark amidst fanfare and brilliant lighting effects.

The ceremony continued with a list of distinguished guests whom the host invited to take place in the line of tables at the front of the stage. Yoon Jong Yong, Chairman of Korea Electronics Association, Cho Suk, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, You Yeon Chae, Deputy Governor of Political Affairs of Gyeonggi Province, Kwon Oh Hyun, Chairman of Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, Kwon Young Soo, Chairman of Korea Display Industry Association, Kim Ki Sun, Chairman of Economic Investment Committee of Gyeonggi Province, Geum Ki Hyun, President of The Electronic Times were all invited to honor the front seat of the opening ceremony.

Once they were took their seats, the distinguished guests were given a docking stick and were asked to insert the sticks into a built-in port on the table. "This represents the convergence of the electronic industry of Korea." Announcer Lee Se Jin continued. "Please give up a warm round of applause as the guests signal the start of the Korea Electronics Fair 2010!" As the docking stick 'docked' with the port, a blast of fanfare sounded, and with a bang confetti flew everywhere, announcing the start of Korea Electronics Fair 2010.

Next up on the ceremony was a promotional video clip with details on the Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010. "The Korea Electronics Grand Fair has acted as the global marketplace for domestic electronics industries," the narrator said. "This year's Grand Fair is attended by over 900 companies from 12 countries, and under the slogan 'IT's my life', is holding exhibit halls showcasing design, R&D, content distribution for next generation themes such as 3D, applications and green IT.". The clip continued, "What we have here today is the scene of IT and life, with displays of cutting edge technology like smart phones, smart TV, 0.88mm superthin LED TV, laser drill cleaning packages, home networks, remote controlled networks, digital dress, smart construction, fitness systems and brain interfacing technology. Since the first Korea Electronics Grand Fair at Deoksu Place in 1969, we have had grown to include representatives from foreign companies such as China, India and Russia. The Korea Electronics Grand Fair will be the message of hope for the future, where technology enables man to be more humane and life to be more beautiful."

After the clip, announcer Lee Se Jin introduced the popular Korean pop group 'Secret'. After the special performance, she concluded the opening ceremony with a hopeful and challenging comment. "There must be a secret to the driving force behind Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010, and just as the group 'Secret' became a rising star in the music industry with their passion, the IT industry will rise with passion and bring about a bright future." 

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