Marketing for Comfort
Marketing for Comfort
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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According to UM, distance and flooring play an important role in buying

Minnesota, USA February 11, 2011- According to various research findings released by the University of Minnesota (UM) in the past half year, there are distinct behaviorial differences between an ovulating and a non-ovulating woman. A similar finding was also discovered that suggests shoppers' perceptions varies on items when standing on tile versus carpeted flooring; the distance between the item and the shopper also play a significant role.

Common knowledge says that hormones at the time of ovulation influence women to find a mate; consequently, women unconsciously tend to splurge in buying items to attract the opposite sex. However, UM discovered there is more to this mix than previously acknowledged. Although women may openly compete with other women in the 'dating' game, UM's research revealed that the efforts women put in varied depending on the physical attractiveness of women nearby (within 1000 miles). Women indulge more in revealing tops and clothing if she preceives women around her to be more attractive.

Are women competing According to UM, they are!

The other study that UM conducted suggested that in the general store setting, shoppers -both men and women- tend to preceive an item in a more positive light if they happen to be standing on a carpet flooring that gives them physical comfort. However, if near the item and standing on a carpet, shoppers tend to view it in a less positive way than if standing on tile. The findings suggest that distance and physical comfort significantly change shoppers' buying decisions.

UM's study findings show that marketing tactics among many retailers should be motified to reach a specific or generalized target group. For instance, big box retailers may change sections of their flooring depending on the distance between the store's desired focus of customers and the actual customers.

In addition, competition in between individuals-specificially women- in a local market should be utilized in the marketing strategy as a manuever to gain more consumers. Rather than using general models in ads, it may be wise to help consumers connect with them by finding ways to suggest that the model is nearby- whether using props or landmarks that suggests locality to the consumer.

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