Search Electronic Parts Anywhere, Anytime
Search Electronic Parts Anywhere, Anytime
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The PartsFinder

Korea Electronics Association (KEA) incorporates its epartshub, an integrated information & trade system between Korea, China and Japan, which is a separate entity from KEA's corporate body. The newly launched PartsFinder is established by receiving investments from three different corporations such as KEA, EC Plaza and Korea Parts in order to enhance the utilization of epartshub and to find a new business area.

The PartsFinder will be responsible for operating epartshub. A significant synergy effect is expected for the years to come as the PartsFinder will be dealing with offline business agencies for importing and exporting electronics parts.

The epartshub, which was established in 2006 by government's support, is the world's first specialized electronic portal site which integrates information & trade systems between Korea, China and Japan. It is not only providing supplier's information in the electronics' field, but also provides a search engine, which includes stock information and enables users to search 140 million worth of data for parts and components.

It has also integrated its system with Huaqiang Holdings Limited (, China's biggest electronics goods distributor, and with Chip One Stop ('s databases, Japan's biggest parts distributor. With this tied relationship, the epartshub, Huagiang Holdings Ltd and Chip One Stop expanded their imports, exports and sales for electronics parts to new areas. "We are planning to develop the epartshub to be the most powerful global online and offline marketplace model by utilizing these companies' capabilities," said a spokesperson from KES.

Last year, PartsFinder launched its search system as a mobile application, so that users will be able to search electronic parts anytime, anywhere. (Name of app: PartsFinder)

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