Who says Children’s Creativity is hindered by Technology? Imbee Doesn’t!
Who says Children’s Creativity is hindered by Technology? Imbee Doesn’t!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.23 10:25
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Minnesota, USA March 22, 2011- Although most of us enjoy movies based on books, there is concern over whether children are able to use their imagination when they can just watch the movie instead of reading a book and forming their own images. Imbee, a children's social networking site, teams up with NFFTY, famous for its title of the world's largest youth film festival provider, and HarperCollins, a children's book publisher, in order to provide an opportunity for children to use their creativity to form a movie based on what they read in the story, The Magnificent Twelve: The Call.

With the title 'The Film Challenge," Imbee opens up its users to possibilities that are beyond any little creative genius' dreams! Just like any other contest, the prizes consist of the best technologies to aid these children or young adults in their pursuit to future film production. Although, the ultimate prize is clearly the public exposure the film maker will have as he or she produces 'webisodes' for Imbee. It looks like a 'win-win' situation!

Parents may be hesitant to allow their young children to participate in a public contest. Be rest assured, children under 18 cannot participate without a parent's permission; however, sometimes parents need to get out of their comfort zone in order to see how their children can grow or achieve whatever they never thought they could at a young age. There are not many contests open to children, so if a child discovers his or her talent earlier, it may shape the rest of his or her future.

It also opens up the opportunity for children to work in a team to create a short video entirely original including music, actors, and mind-blowing graphics. If anyone enjoys the glow a child has when he or she achieves something great it school, wouldn't it be just as great to see many children with this glow of pride

The contest features several, complex levels of judging which also gets the young Imbee users involved in the second round. It is a unique way to mix the expert opinion of book lovers and movie creators with the opinions of the Imbee staff and users! Imbee announced that it will be accepting submissions up until April 20, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. After this time, the judging will occur until April 26. There are further guidelines that can be found on www.filmchallenge.imbee.com.

Clearly, Imbee stands behind its goals and visions for the lives of its users; it just wants to be the tool that children use to expand their lives and others by developing their creativity and opening up the possibilities in the future. We must do everything to encourage children to create and Imbee is giving us the means to do so.

The bottom line: Imbee is encouraging its users to start reading and envisioning ways to use technology to show every individual's personal vision of the story. Creativity feeds off of sharing ideas, so gather up all the little creative geniuses to get this cycle rolling!

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