Reasons to Love Newegg
Reasons to Love Newegg
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.25 09:51
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Minnesota, USA March 24, 2011- In one aspect I fit the stereotype of a woman: I love to shop! As much as I love window shopping, it is more important to me to find the greatest deals; when it comes to all the technology related needs, I gravitate towards one single website called 'Newegg.' Although I do comparison shopping, there are more important considerations other than price- this is not to say that its product pricing is not low.

I made the same mistakes that many people do who simply buy products from 'Big-Box' stores- Superstores- or the websites of them. Seemingly, it makes sense to buy products from places where there is a physical store. There is an issue of trust; it just intensifies after knowing how common credit card and identity theft has become. I do not encourage people to just buy anything online from anywhere without further investigation; however I want to point out what people could be missing out on an awesome shopping experience if they are not willing to give e-retailers a try.

As a regular online shopper, I experimented with numerous sites. I admit that I have bought items of all price ranges, which is anything from USB flash drives to laptop computers. Perhaps I have bought far more online than I ever imagined before -especially after finding Newegg. It took a little convincing for me to try this out, so maybe my experiences and observations could be enough for you to also make this change.

My review is not to say that shopping with 'Big-Box' stores is always a bad idea; this is just a way to open up your shopping experience to other possibilities beyond what you may have now. This type of store can be perfect and quick for the last-minute buys. For most of everything else, I recommend Newegg for the following reasons: fast shipping, tax-free products, trust-worthy product reviews, and low prices.



"The Shipping Dream"

Unlike many retailers online- which will remain unnamed- the shipping is ALWAYS fast. In addition, there is not a wide range of estimated delivery dates with limited tracking. Every product will arrive within the guaranteed shipping time or less. It is easy to track items since Newegg ensures that every customer is emailing a tracking number as soon as it is available the day of shipping. In my experience, my items either are sent out on the day I made the order or the next day depending on the time of the day.

For those who need items quickly, Newegg offers 'rush processing," this includes a small fee, for orders placed before noon Pacific Standard Time. There is no guarantee that it is shipped the same day; however, any fee will be refunded if it is not.

The downside: international shipping is not available.

"Tax-Free for me"

It feels amazing to find something to buy that does not have tax -which is not food. Although there are a few exceptions, most customers enjoy this benefit just like me! There are only a few states that require this e-retailer to impose state tax. Other retailers will always impose taxes since the stores are located within the state where the consumers are residing and purchasing.

"Helpful Consumer Reviews"

Not all products receive a review, but the ones that contain reviews are normally accurate. It is obvious that the e-retailer knows the importance of keeping all reviews up. I particularly felt most comfortable after reading all the testimonials on the site that informed me on the buying experience. I trust other real people's observations, which lead me to trusting this company.

"Low Prices"

A lot needs to be considered when thinking about 'low prices'. It is obvious that there are not any companies that can always have the lowest price.  Sometimes, the prices are identical. However, I was always able to find a reason to buy from Newegg. For instance, the price for the product is the same but the insurance price is lower. Then again, sometimes it has the lowest prices by far.

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