Seoul Motor Show 2011: A Glimpse of the Future
Seoul Motor Show 2011: A Glimpse of the Future
  • Kim Yea-rim
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Even if we wonder what the future would be like, it is not possible to know what will happen. However, at least we can get pictures of future automobiles. Each year, new concept cars become more fantastical than the last and surprisingly a few years later, the cars become mass-produced. Here at the Seoul Motor Show 2011, a total of 25 concept cars are being introduced and these cars give us an idea of what the future holds.

GM Korea

Chevrolet Mi-ray

The highlight of GM Korea might be the concept car, Mi-ray. The super-sleek jaw-droppingly gorgeous Mi-ray is captivating the visitors. GM Korea President and CEO Mike Arcamone explained, "Mi-ray is Korean for 'future', it offers an exploration of future possibilities for the brand." Mi-ray is made of carbon fiber and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, the wedged body side divided by an angled character line, with ambient lighting underneath. Le Mans racer- style scissor doors open up and out of the way for dramatic access to the interior adding some sense of luxury.



Kia's Naimo

Kia's Naimo

Looking like a stylish box, the Kia Naimo has it all. It is a perfect balance of innovation, high-tech and Korean tradition. Especially Korean elements are easy to find in the car. Korean oak is used for the interior door panels while Korean "Han-ji" paper is used for the head lining. We can say Naimo is a mixture of simple and the complex. It has 2+2 door arrangement, a wraparound glass treatment up-front, a three-piece hatch opening, and an asymmetric sunroof layout. Inside is seating for four, with touch-screen control panels for each row and a transparent OLED gauge cluster that appears to float in front of the driver.

Renault Samsung Motors

SM 7 Concept

SM7 Concept is being introduced for the first time in the world at the Seoul Motor Show 2011. It is a four-door, large-sized premium sedan, which has a gorgeous rear view. Its wide body and long wheelbase with bold styling makes the car recognizable at first glance.  


918 RSR

Porsche showcased the very special concept car, the 918 RSR for the first time in Asia at the Seoul Motor Show 2011. It is presented as a laboratory racecar, which is the marriage of hybrid technology with modern and innovative design. This midsize coupe looks very sexy with its sculpted carbon fiber exterior. It conceals a 563 horsepower, 10,300 rpm v8 engine with two front-wheel drive electric motors for a total of 767 horsepower. Unfortunately the Porsche 918 RSR is only being showcased on Press Day, March 31; so many visitors to the show will not be able to see it.



Infiniti is displaying the Essence Concept car in Korea. This luxury sports car was built to celebrate 20 years of the brand's birthday in 2009. It is considered as one of the most important designs for the luxury brand for some time to come.


BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

It does wow us from up-front, but the amazing design is not the only thing that this hybrid supercar has got going for it. This concept car uses a new strong hybrid system powered by a three-cylinder turbo diesel engine and two electric motors. It has 355 bhp and nearly 80 kgm of torque going to the wheels. Also according to BMW this concept can achieve 31.9 kilometers to the liter in the standard combined cycle.



Orange colored Audi 'E-tron' definitely pops up in the show. Audi is showcasing the electronic concept car 'E-tron' with a purely electric drive system. According to Audi, it is equipped with efficient batteries and electronics to give the car a range of 250 km. Meanwhile, the Korean actor, Ji Jin-hee appointed PR ambassador for Audi Korea is going to drive E-tron for a year and I wonder who wouldn't be jealous.

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