New Chevrolet Products Drive GM Korea’s Sales in March
New Chevrolet Products Drive GM Korea’s Sales in March
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GM Korea Company announces that it sold 12,265 vehicles in the domestic market and exported 55,287 vehicles in March. Total sales for the month were 67,552 units, which was an increase of 7.8 percent from the same month last year, when GM Korea sold domestically and shipped 62,641 vehicles.

GM Korea's domestic sales in March registered a dramatic jump of 60.7 percent to 12,265 vehicles from the previous month. This was also an increase of 30.0 percent from 9,434 vehicles sold in March 2010. The growth in domestic sales was led by new Chevrolet products such as the Orlando ALV (Active Life Vehicle), which has generated demand of 1,526 units since its launch in early March, and both the new Spark and Cruze, which were rebadged as Chevrolets. Demand for the Alpheon luxury sedan was strong as well, as sales jumped 16.7 percent from the previous month to 1,304 vehicles.

Exports of complete vehicles by GM Korea were up 3.9 percent in March from 53,207 vehicles exported in March 2010. GM Korea also exported 112,423 complete knockdown (CKD) kits of parts and components to be assembled into vehicles.

"Our great sales performance in March sends a very positive signal that Chevrolet will be a strong, successful brand in Korea," said Ankush Arora, GM Korea Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Marketing and Service. "We have witnessed an enthusiastic response to our new brand and products since Chevrolet's launch. We expect domestic demand to maintain its rapid pace of growth through competitive models such as the Orlando, Spark, Cruze and Alpheon, which are already on the market, and models such as our new Captiva SUV and Cruze hatchback, which we will soon be rolling out."

Arora added, "GM Korea will continue to meet the high expectations of our customers through cutting-edge aftersales programs like Chevy Care, exciting promotions like the Chevy Care WOW Festival and new investment in our sales network to ensure the optimum level of service."

For the first quarter of 2011, GM Korea recorded total sales of 190,799 vehicles. This was an increase of 14.9 percent compared to the same period last year. Domestic vehicle sales increased 6.5 percent to 28,376 units from 26,644 units in the same period last year. GM Korea's exports in the first quarter climbed 15.4 percent to 160,897 units from 139,453 units in the first quarter last year.

source: GM Korea

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