Author Dr. Jaerock Lee Answers the Question “Why God Placed the Tree of the Knowledge in the Garden of Eden?”
Author Dr. Jaerock Lee Answers the Question “Why God Placed the Tree of the Knowledge in the Garden of Eden?”
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A book titled "The Message of the Cross", and its translations to other languages at the 25th Jerusalem International Book Fair

"The Message of the Cross" or "Understanding the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ", a work of theologian Dr. Jaerock Lee has been published in Chinese by the MMP(Malaysia Manmin publisher, CEO: Deborah Tang), a cooperative publisher of Urim Books, recently. What's interesting is that in the new book author also deals with a question "Why God placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden"

This is a question that mankind has asked for thousands of years. Did God place the tree of knowledge of good and evil without knowing Adam would eventually eat from it

He says, "While people are experiencing tears, sorrow, poverty, or disease, they may think that Adam and Eve must have been very happy in the Garden of Eden because they did not experience such things in this world. However, people in the Garden of Eden knew neither true happiness nor true love because they had not experienced the contrast between positive and negative things."

Lee discusses, "Later, Adam disobeyed the command of God by eating the fruit. He was a living spirit until then, but after he sinned, his spirit died and he became a man of flesh. He and his wife were driven out of the Garden of Eden and came to live on this earth.

He began to endure what he had never experienced in the Garden of Eden: tears, sorrow, disease, pain, misfortune, death, and so on. He came to experience all that is the opposite of the happiness in the Garden of Eden.

By this process, Adam and Eve could understand and feel what happiness and unhappiness were like and how valuable the freedom and abundance were that God had given them in the Garden of Eden."

Dr. Rubén Díaz, senator from New York State, says in his endorsement "As a New York State Senator, I have not known a greater minister whom God has used, with the power of miracles and also a biblical Christ-centered word, as Dr. Jaerock Lee. His book, Understanding the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ, has shaken my life and also the entire city of New York. I do not only endorse and commend this book, but I also commend his entire ministry. This book will transform nations and will be a great injection and contribution for the entire Christian church all over the world."

Author Dr. Jaerock Lee says that he was not able to understand God's deep providence of creation and His secret providence hidden in the cross during the first several years of his Christian life. After he was called as a minister of the Gospel, he began to ask to himself, "How can I lead innumerable people to the path to salvation and glorify God" It dawned on him that he should understand all the words of the Bible, including passages difficult to grasp through the interpretation of God, and preach them all over the world. He fasted as often as he could and prayed for this. Seven years passed before God began to reveal them. In 1985, while he was praying fervently, he was filled with the Holy Spirit. God began to interpret the secret providence of God that had been hidden. It was "The Message of the Cross."

An Indonesian version of The Message of the Cross has been listed as a bestseller in the field of theology in the 'Benih Bookshop', the biggest online bookstore in Indonesia. The Message of the Cross is available in 20 languages.

source: Urim Books

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