Author Retells His Uganda Mission
Author Retells His Uganda Mission
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"My Life, My Faith 2," a sequel to the first volume of the same title, chronicles Dr. Jaerock Lee's latest campaigns for the church at home and overseas. What's interesting is that in the newly published Vietnamese version author also deals with Uganda mission in 2000.
In July 2000, he  visited Uganda to lead the Uganda United Crusade. Representatives of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni including Jehoash Myanza Nkangi, the minister of Justice, Samuel Rubunda, a presidential aide of religion, members of the National Assembly, and the mayor of Kampala welcomed Lee at the airport.
However, leader of Korean Missionary Association in Uganda distorted Lee's sermon and accused him. In response, a spokesman of Lee's church stated.;1 John 5:18 says, "We know that no one who is born of God sins; but He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him." This verse clearly assures us that if we are born of God and live a sinless life worthy to be called as God's children, the enemy devil cannot touch or rule over us because God's begotten Son Jesus Christ keeps us all the time. The enemy devil is trying to tempt people to commit sins and to bring them all kinds of trials and difficulties as the result of their sins. And the wages of sins is death. But this Scripture clearly promises us that the evil one cannot touch those who are born of God and live according to the Word of God without committing sins. Enoch, who pleased God by faith, and Elijah, who glorified God with amazing power, were lifted up into heaven alive without seeing death. Dr. Jaerock Lee has not only been living in the protection of God by fully abiding in the Word of God, but is always teaching his church members to become sanctified and live a godly life in which Satan cannot bring any accusation against them and death has no power over them in God's protection. This teaching of his was wrongfully fabricated by some people who had impure schemes against him, and spread to many people, and then they came to have misunderstandings against him.
Nevertheless, thousands of Ugandans came to Nakibubo Stadium for the rally, and many responded by professing faith in Christ, and others were allegedly cured of physical and spiritual ailments when Lee prayed for them.
Bishop Grivas Musisi, Chairman of the Uganda United Crusade Organizing Committee, claimed in a CNN interview that "I have seen many people getting healed through the power that the science cannot explain, namely through supernatural power in this crusade. This is certainly signs and wonders that can come from God only." CNN correspondent Yusuf Kalyango Jr. reported that Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee proved to many Uganda people that he is a man of God by manifesting the works of spiritual power that prove that the Bible is true in Nakibubo Stadium. His mission in Uganda was for the people of Uganda to enter New Jerusalem before God.
The series books are extremely interesting and informative and are well worth taking the time to read it.

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