Nuclear Drama, Here is the Terrible Hidden Truth
Nuclear Drama, Here is the Terrible Hidden Truth
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Raffaele Ferrante - lawyer. In relation to nuclear power stations, writes Alfonso Luigi Marra, the terrible truth that is covered up is that both the ones which have been damaged (Fukushima, Onagawa and Higashidori, but there are probably others they are telling us nothing about), and nuclear power stations in general, when they stop working, require an infinite cooling of the radioactive materials, which, especially in the event of disasters, becomes very difficult to achieve, and which, for example, they are not managing to carry out in Japan.

It is essentially an unequal struggle against heat. Heat which, if it sooner or later prevails against the emergency systems adopted to halt it, causes fusion, or, as at Chernobyl, explosion, but in the meantime - until the final and perhaps unlikely cooling - causes the release of radiation.

A drama that cannot be resolved by covering the reactors with cement or anything else, because, at Chernobyl, it was possible precisely because the radioactive material had exploded, so all they covered was the debris of the explosion, which incidentally still continues to 'burn'.

Here, however, this monstrous material, moreover in much greater quantities than Chernobyl, is still there, and should it explode or melt down, nothing would be able to contain it.

A struggle it will hopefully be possible to win, but which requires extraordinary means, which is why the media, governments and those working in the field must stop lying, because it can be won, maybe, only if the entire world community is alerted.

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