Your own Threat? Check out "I Can Stalk U"
Your own Threat? Check out "I Can Stalk U"
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.28 08:31
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Minnesota, USA April 27, 2011- There was a massive outcry after word got out that Apple's iPhone was 'accidentally' collecting data on people's locations and storing that data. People obviously do not like their privacy rights taken away - understandably so. However, these may be the same people who use other smart phones that voluntarily give clues to their locations without even realizing it. For this reason, came into existence.


Smart phones contain a feature called "geo-tagging" which automatically records everyone's location at the moment people take pictures. Although many phones have this turned off by default, not all phones do this for us. Basically, you may think that you are only sharing your pretty pictures with your Twitter friends, however it has a little data packet inside of it that will expose your location to just about everyone. is giving us a reality check by posting all the random data on its site. Take a look at it and you'll be surprised by how many people are opening their lives to disaster.


In reality, anyone can access this data about you just by keeping an eye on your Twitter account. People can learn anything about you, your family, and all of your daily habits. It should be obvious that if you keep posting photos and other information on your Twitter, you are bound to put more data out there than you originally planned. In the past I heard that someone actually used just pictures to track down where a child lived so that he could kidnap her. He knew everything about her and the family even though this little girl was too young to use the internet. Do you want this scary situation in your household shows people's data in a couple different ways; it can post the complete address where someone is located or it gives the longitude and latitude of the post. Either way, it does not take much to track a person down. You already know that you leave a "data trail" online, but maybe this is not what you were expecting. This trail is far more dangerous than you can even imagine.

If you did not already take a look at your cell phone to check your location settings, you should take a look prior to revealing more information to the general public. Visit in order to discover what is easily found on people and also general information on how to disable the geo-tagging on your device. Typically this setting can be found in "phone settings" and under a category such as "Location".

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