LED and Green Lighting Expo 2011 Opens in June
LED and Green Lighting Expo 2011 Opens in June
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As part of the plan by the Korean government to nurture the LED industry into the "21st Century Growth Development Industry", the "International LED and Green Lighting Expo 2011" is to be held from June 21 to 25 at KINTEX, Ilsan.

The first LED Expo was held in 2003 as the world's first specialized LED trade fair and since then, the internationally acclaimed LED/OLED EXPO has shown a steady 20 percent growth every year. Since then, the exhibition gained the global conscious from many international agencies such as the UFI and the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy. This expo is noted as the country's largest LED, OLED trade fair as well as the world's largest fair of its kind.

Over 60 percent of the previous participants have expressed their desire to attend again this year. The list includes leading international corporations such as Kumho Electrics, Lumens, Vissem Electronics, Starnet, Jaejin, Finetechnix, Kumyoung, KMW, Astek, Amoluxe, Youngdongtec, Kodenshi Auk, Neoneon, King Bright have finished applications to participate. Newly confirmed attendants that are showing their products for the first time at this year's expo includes GE Lighting, Jusung Engineering, Protec, Samik, P&T, Samjin L&D, Everling Electronics, Aixtron, SFT Holland Cooperatie UA, Sony Chemical, Evans Analytical Group, Tokuyama, MITSUMI Electronic, LED-EVER Technology, EJ ELECT, LIGITEK Electronics, GAT Electronics, Prolight Opto Technology, WAI CHI Opto Technology.

"LED and Green Lighting Expo 2010 is the premier of the future LED market where the visitors can come and experience the future technology that will lead the LED market. The exhibition is not only for the LED products such as LED Lighting, Billboard Displays, LED Signs, Chips, Eco Friendly Lighting, Packages, Modules and Applications, but is also the place to find cutting-edge products related to the entire LED industry including LED Manufacturing Equipment, Testing/Evaluating/Inspection/Measurement Tools, Power Supplies, LED Parts and Materials," said the Co-chair of LED and Green Lighting Expo 2010, Shin Moo-whan.

In addition, AMOLED, PMOLED, LED, PDP, Panel, Display Testing/Evaluating/Inspection/Measurement Tools, FPD Parts and Materials, Vacuum, Coating and other OLED industry related products will be shown in this year's expo, and this also includes a new equipment material product related to the latest technology in semiconductor manufacturing.

The International DID EXPO 2011 will also be held on the same date and at the same site to introduce the emerging digital information display market. Here, the visitors can see the recent collaboration of displays, IT technology, and advertisement businesses as well as billboard advertisements, 3D DID technology, and implementation cases. How then, would LED technology be used in these areas The answer can be found on site.

As for special events during the LED Expo, International LED and Green Lighting Seminar 2010 will be held on site. The world-class LED guest speakers will note on different angles of LED and Green Lighting technology. The Global Buyer's meeting is hosted by KOTRA, and the New Technology Development Award Ceremony will be held under the government's support. These events are expected to raise the already high standards of the expo as well as satisfying the visitors while increasing foreign buyer attendance and maximizing LED, OLED related information exchange and marketing effects for better business outcomes.

Professor Shin Moo-whan of Yonsei Institute of Convergence Technology stated, "We certainly believe that the LED and Green Lighting EXPO 2010 will bear fruitful results and lay the fundamentals for further development of LED and OLED technology." He is also the member of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth.

Further information related to the expo can be found at the official websites (LED EXPO: www.ledexpo.com, OLED EXPO: www.oledexpo.com, DID EXPO: www.didexpo.com) and upon visitor registrations admissions for spectators are provided without charge. Phone calls (02-783-7979, FAX: 02-783-7292) and E-mails (led@exponu.com) are available for further questions.

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